Why I Buy Books


Why do I buy books? Sure there are a few books that I own as e-book and I love having lots of my favorite novels ready to read and always at my finger tips because they’re on my phone…but there are just so many amazing reasons why going to a book store should never die out. Here are my top 5 reasons why I’ll always buy books from the book stores:

5. Used books stores are some of the most magical places to visit – I remember when I was in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and I went into this second hand book store. And there were books stacked everywhere. There was a rolling ladder attached to a wall full of books. Books were stacked on the ground, on chairs and jammed into every available bit of shelf space that there was. It was freaking magical and I can say that because I was neither high nor drunk for this experience. And the best used book stores are like this. If these die out, I’m sure the world will die too.

4. My smutty romance novels should have all the steamy parts dog-eared – Not lying. I’m just saying. That’s how it should go.

3. I need something to do when the power goes out or I get stuck in the middle of no where – I can remember this horrifying Greyhound bus trip where we were stuck on this snowy highway for like and hour and a half because a storm had blown through and covered the highways in several feet of snow. But I was ok. Do you know why? Because not only did I have copious amounts of homework to keep me busy, but because I had a good book to read even though my mp3 player and phone were dead.

2. I can highlight, dog-ear and write in the columns of my book all I want – I’ve tried doing this with my eReader apps on my phone and iPod but it’s just freaking annoying. I should be able to curl up with a good and thought provoking book, highlighter and pens at the ready and be able to jot things down, mark pages up and dog ear entire chapters at my will…instead of fighting with my app so I can make a three word comment on a paragraph.

1. It’s better than buying drugs – I mean, I save a lot of money buying books electronically. Almost 50% on every book actually. So for every $10 book I buy online, I save $5. That adds up after a while. What would I do with that kind of money? It sounds likeĀ  a gateway habit for harder things like snorting Pixie Sticks and getting hopped up on pain killers. Or whatever it is kids my age do these days. I mean from what I can tell, everything is a gateway for harder stuff like shooting up crytalized Moon Shine. So world, YOU’RE WELCOME. I am one more person in this world doing their part to not do drugs. Sort of. Maybe. Whatever. The point is, I’d rather spend my money on books than anything else and that’s great.


Top 5 Reasons Why I’ll Never Have Kids


I'm shooting that stork if he ever tries to visit me!

I currently live in a world where all of my friends are having babies, have raised children in the time I’ve been in school or are in the process of making a baby. It scares the the dickens out of me that it feels like yesterday my friends were pregnant with little “Oopsies” and today a few of them are actually trying to get knocked up. While I’ve been in school two of my friends have raised two beautiful daughters that I got to see when they were little and were baby-cute and I’ve been around lots of adorable babies and toddlers, but I’ve never felt the urge to say “I want one.” There was a brief period in my past where I was with a man who I would have been ok having kids with, but I soon realized that wasn’t what I really wanted.

What I really want is to never be pregnant. Ever. It actually bothers the snot out of me that people keep saying “Oh, you’ll want kids when you get older!” Puh-lease! I’m twenty-freaking-five years old! Give me a little credit in being mature enough to realize that I never want my birth canal to actually be used as a birth canal. I mean, if I didn’t want kids when I was 16, didn’t want babies when I was 20 and don’t want kids now that I’m 25, I seriously doubt I’ll ever get the urge to actually birth a child of my own.

And here are my top 5 years why I’ll never have kids:

5. I’m by far too selfish of a human being – I’m the sort of person who slept through my dog trying her best to wake me up because she had to pee. I was really tired and when she tried to wake me, I got mad and pulled a blanket over my head and told her to go back to sleep. Instead she peed on my bedroom floor. I briefly debated sleeping in the living room after that and trying to convince my mom to clean the mess up, but I knew that would be an asshole move so I cleaned up the mess and passed back out again. Now, I love my dog, Betsy with all of my heart and soul. She is the most genuine and happy dog that I’ve ever been around. She’s not very smart, but she loves me and I love her. If I’m not willing to wake up to see to her needs, what will I do if there’s a crying baby? That and I have issues cleaning up my own messes (Ask my mom!), why would I ever want to clean up after some one else too?

4. I hate being sick – There is nothing worse in the world to me than puking. Or being sick without having any drugs on hand to make me feel less sick for a brief period of time. Though puking is about the worst thing that can happen to me. There is something about not having control over my body that scares the living crap out of me and turns me into a shaking and crying mess every time I decide to sick up. It’s even worse when other people get sick in front of me! The moment I see another being puking, it takes all my will power not to join them in a chorus or retching and ralphing. Mostly though, I hate the idea of “morning sickness” that I’ve seen and heard of my friends going through. The idea of puking that much just isn’t worth wanting to have a kid of my own. Don’t get me wrong, you as a mommy might be ok with that and all the power to you for that. You have my respect. However, I happen to hate puking a lot and as a result: I never want to have kids of my own.

A friend said these were easy to put on...I'm sure I could screw it up somehow!

3. I’ve never changed a diaper in my life – That’s right. Never. Even when I took a baby-sitting course when I was 12 I didn’t change a diaper since that was a requirement to pass the course. I still passed the course, I was just really sneaky when it came time for us to actually change the real baby that the lady brought in for us to practice on. Of course the baby had on those ridiculous diapers that needed the huge pin to hold them together! I was 12, not retarded, and there was no way in Hell I was letting myself be near an infant when I had a giant safety pin in my hands. I was just as likely to give the kid a fancy new urination hole in its tummy as I was to actually pin a diaper on properly. Since then I’ve actually turned down money to baby-sit peoples kids who weren’t potty trained. My rule has always been that unless they can wipe their own ass, I don’t want to take care of them. It’s actually my plan that if I ever do want kids, I’m going to adopt a child that comes fully potty trained and who I can eat cookies with…because I really hate the idea of changing diapers. In fact, I normally leave the room when it comes to changing time. If I stay in the room while you change your kid, I really like you. Or there is no where to run, but for friendship sakes, I’ll say that I really like you. You also know that I really like you if you happen to be one of the two people who I’ve offered to learn how to change diapers for. I also thank you for not busting that cherry just yet. Your child thanks you too. I’m more than likely to screw up diapering a kid than I am to actually get a diaper on them. Just envision coming home to your kid with a towel duct taped to its person because I couldn’t figure out how to change their diaper…

2. I don’t like pain – Well, I don’t like some types of pain. For example: I cried and was in a horrendous amount of pain when I dislocated my right knee a few years ago, but about two months after that I took 10 hard lashes that left welts from a whip and loved it. Another example: last year I took my dog, Betsy, for a run, but because our neighbours always let their rat dogs run loose and I didn’t want to get in trouble for my dog killing theirs I took her through some back trails to get down to the main road where we usually ran. We went a little ways off the trail and just as I was stepping over a log, Betsy saw a deer and tried to chase it causing me to slip and land straddling the log. I barely made it home and would later find out that I’d torn my vag-jay-jay in several places and was borderline requiring stitches in some spots. It hurt and if I didn’t like my vag getting some minor tearing from that, then I know that a baby coming out of there won’t be good times either. That type of pain I’d like to avoid and I can partially avoid it by never having kids. Spankings, piercings and stuff like that I actually like, but otherwise I have zero tolerance for pain and try to avoid getting hurt as much as possible. Read that as: I avoid getting pregnant as much as possible too! Hello two forms of contraception at all times!

1. Poop – That’s all I have to say for my number one reason why I’ll never have kids. Poop. Need I say more?

End note: I love my mom and I’m thankful everyday for the fact that she carried me to term, dealt with 36 hours of labour and a C-section to bring me into this world and then spent the next 25+ years taking care of me in every way possible. I also have a huge respect for my friends who have kids, are pregnant or planning to have kids. Every single one of you are by far better people than I am.


Day 2.10 – Tops Thursday (Top Experiences)


In my very brief 25 years on this planet, I have done some fun things, I’ve done some stupid things, I’ve done good people things and lots of other things. A lot of it has been done by a million people a million times before, but there’s probably a reason for that. Common experiences made not so common because it was me doing it and I think everyone should give these shenanigans a try! So this weeks Tops Thursday is all about my Top Experiences that I think you should try! Have a look:

5. Pierce something other than your ears with someone – My first non-ear piercing was my tongue and it was with my Swiss roommate as a bonding thing. It was something new. We ate, then we went and got our tongues pierced and then we shopped for soft food that we could eat for a week. I wound up with a weird and funny lisp and she didn’t and it’s an experience that I’ll always have shared with her. I’m pretty sure that I would never have stabbed a hole in my tongue if she hadn’t gone with me and been so tough about the whole ordeal. With anyone else other than her…yeah, I would have chickened out and not gotten it done. But now? I have a very pretty shiny on my tongue that I love.

One bus trip I spoke through my finger puppet...Captain Finnegan. ARR!!

4. Take the Greyhound somewhere – I’ve been on and off Greyhound 100+ times now and, let me tell you, it can be darn traumatizing. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m traveling alone, because I’m young and female, because that’s just my luck or because it happens to everyone, but I have had some of the most horrifying experiences of my life on a Greyhound. But I’ve also met a few really great people and have had some really memorable moments too! On one of my recent trips home a security guard decided he needed to empty my bag. For those of you who don’t know, I’m an Independent Passion Party Consultant. That means that I sell sensual aids, toys and all sorts of fun stuff. Of course that means this poor security guard pulled a number of dildos, bullets, lubes, lotions, and all sorts of other fun things out of my bag. Poor guy. He turned pinker than my pink vibrator.

3. Dance in the rain – You haven’t yet? Do it! Nothing is more fun than your favorite song, lots of puddles and dancing like no one is around to see you.

2. Do something your parents usually do – My mom has always been in charge of planning family dinners. My dad always checks our fishing gear before we go fishing. It was a whole new experience planning my moms past couple of birthdays, cooking and doing all the things that my momma normally does. It’s actually really eye opening to how hard she works to do amazing things like plan a birthday party or get a special dinner on the table. It’s also proof that I’m really not a great cook and is a great time to spend with my mom because she usually gets fed up trying to tell me what to do and just helps me. On the other hand, I know that I hate fishing without my dad. In all seriousness, this past summer I didn’t miss my dad more than the day I had to go around finding all of our fishing gear, tie our poles into the back of the truck and make sure I had everything. The entire time I was searching our garage and yard for stuff I wanted nothing more than to scream “I want my daddy!” I know that I can go fishing by myself and in the future I’ll probably have to go on my own again, but in the mean time my daddy is in charge of that department.

New Orleans: Home to Mardi Gras and the place I call HEAVEN

1. Travel – Before my first big trip, I’d always made small trips all over my province. The coast for netball, somewhere in the Interior for volleyball and the north for more basketball. Plus more coast trips for softball and more interior trips for rugby. That was always with people I knew and to places where people would probably know my name. That’s not the kind of travel I’m talking about. Yes, travel for sports is butt tons of fun, but traveling somewhere in the world for the sake of discovering a new far off land is two butt tons of fun. Who knew 2 for 1 margarita’s in Mexico would have me sitting on a bar swing for hours talking to all kinds of random strangers who spoke as much English as I did Spanish. It brought a whole new meaning to communicating. Besides learning to communicate, I also learned that it’s really hard to shock my mom after I came home from Mardi Gras and asked her which of my beads she wanted. We call them “Woo Hoo! Beads”…I also learned that no matter how cool the rest of the world is, there’s no place like home. Especially when home has nice mountains to help navigate your way around.


Day 6.9 – Tops Thursday (What I Learned in High School)


For the most part, high school was almost useless for me. Most of what I learned didn’t carry on past my high school graduation, and to be completely honest, I didn’t learn a whole lot that would have been relevant for me in my university years. Hell, I spent the bulk of my senior year NOT IN SCHOOL. I had a car, one of my favorite teachers had retired the year before and the only classes that I needed to actually be present for were the ones that my PE Teacher/Basketball Coach taught so that I could stay on the basketball team. So I was always present for Psychology and Physical Education. However, I had these things called “Spare Blocks” where I was supposed to go sit in the library and work on my harder subjects that I’d be writing Provincial Exams in: English, History and English Literature. The school also let me take Spanish, History and English Lit as distance education courses…you can read that as: Lot’s of “Spare Blocks” where I was supposed to do school work, but obviously didn’t.

Yes, I still got all the work done. High school work was easy and what was supposed to keep me busy for oneĀ  hour and fifteen minuets, kept me entertained for maybe thirty minuets if I wasn’t working fast.

The upside to all these empty blocks of time in my education was the fact that I had a lot of time to do other stuff. Like drop my sister off at school then go home and nap until Psychology or PE. Or go for ice cream at the really good ice cream place in Rayleigh. My friends and I also had this weird and intense love for KFC fries and gravy. In all seriousness, we would eat that stuff day in and day out given the chance. Nothing was better than high metabolisms, spare time and a large box of KFC fries with about 20 packets of ketchup and a large gravy.

But despite all the dicking around that I did in high school, despite the fact that I technically didn’t finish my Career and Personal Planning requirement for graduation and despite the fact that I had to maintain a C average to stay on the basketball team, I did learn some things from some very great teachers that carried on with me into university and semi-adulthood. I mean, yeah, I didn’t learn a thing from my crazed science teacher who liked to wear thongs to school and my form shop teacher turned Vice Principal was an over all jerk, but I did manage to learn how to…

I love spelling correctly.

5. Increase my vocabulary and use it to my advantage -Thanks to my English teachers Mr.H, I had spelling tests right up until the end of my senior year. Or at least I got them in the years he taught me, grades 10, 11 and 12. However, not only did we have to learn how to spell, but we had to learn how to use these words in sentences too. Admittedly, some of them weren’t easy words and some of them were tricky words to get the hang of, but by the time I wrote my provincial exam I had a plethora of words at my disposal. Words that I can’t actually remember because I actually use them enough they’re not a big deal anymore and words that made writing my first university essays a little bit easier to get through. Of all the things in my high school world from physics to Career and Personal Planning to Math, learning how to spell was one of the best things that I learned how to do in high school.

4. Write really good essays with really good thesis statements – One of the things that I’ve always hated about university was getting to paper writing time and having my Profs and TA’s stand up and tell the entire class how to make a good thesis statement to guide your paper. It made me wonder what the Hell everyone else was learning in high school because even though I was absent unless my presence was required, I still knew how to write an essay. I remember literally spending hours agonizing over an essay assignment that my History 12 teacher gave us where we had to have this thing called a “thesis statement”. I can remember wanting to slam my head off a wall trying to figure out what Mr.H wanted when he asked us to write a paper with this “thesis statement”. Mr.A ruined my TV watching/homework time for weeks because he actually gave me homework that I had to concentrate on and really think about. The frig was a thesis statement?! I cursed, I got confused, I cried and then I eventually understood what he was asking for. I got to university and realized what he had prepared me for. How many teachers can honestly say they prepared their students for their university years as well as Mr.A had me prepped forwriting the dreaded university essay?

3. Speak two languages outside of English…a little bit – Thanks to Mrs.B I was comfortable with going to Mexico and actually using the little bit of Spanish that I knew. I mean, yes, my favorite phrase meant “I’m sorry! I don’t understand! I don’t speak Spanish”, but it really helped while I was exploring the streets of Playa Del Carmen. Learning the beginnings of French and Spanish seemed like a waste of time to me while I was in high school, but it was easy, it was fun and I got good grades doing it so I went with it. The funny thing is, nothing improved my grammatical mistakes like learning French and Spanish. Heck, learning other languages improved my sentence structure and has kept me from coming off as a raging moron when I write. Not sounding like a raging moron is a big deal in my book and thus, I salute my high school language teacher.

2. The game of basketball is won and lost in the post – My high school basketball coach taught me a lot of things in high school. Mo is, in large part, one of the reasons why I know how to work as hard as I play and to push myself as hard as I do. The biggest thing she taught me was to take care of the little details in life. Think of things this way: In a basketball game I will probably make 8/10 shots in the post while an outside shooter might hit 5/10 shots outside the key. If that were a basketball game, I’d win 16-10. Heck I’d still win if that shooter were hitting all their shots outside the three point line. It’d be a close 16-15 game, but I’d still win. Now if on defense I play really hard and make the girl I’m guarding hit 6/10 shots, I win again 16-12. In the grand scheme of winning, it isn’t the big stuff that wins the game, or even the big winning shot at the end of the game. It’s the fact that everyone on the team took care of the little things. The post player makes all of their little shots and stops the person they’re guarding from making their shots. This is an over simplification, but the point is: learning how to take care of the little things makes the big things and the grand scheme of your schemes easier to accomplish. This might not have been the point Mo was trying to make and she may have just been convincing me to work harder, but this is what I took from it leaving high school.

1. Take really good fricking notes – Believe it or not, but I take really good notes. I don’t have the neatest of writing, but I take really good notes that cover all the things that I need to know and that I can easily follow. This is all thanks to Mr.A who insisted on a good note taking system from the moment I landed in his Grade 8 Social Studies class. I don’t use Roman numerals anymore, like he did, but I still do follow the basic idea of what he drilled into my head that year and the three following years I was in his class. Naturally it made my post secondary education easier, but it also made my adult working life easier. How many adults do you know who can take a really good set of notes during a meeting or during a conversation that you need to remember later? Heck, thanks to my ability to take notes, I’m really good at writing proposals other shenanigans professional adults get up to.

Obviously I didn’t use my teachers full names, but Mr.A, Mr.H, Mrs.B and Mo are real and true people. Mr.A gave me a huge appreciation for the social sciences, Mr.H instilled a love for literature, Mrs.B showed me a passion for linguistics and Mo was an all around inspiring woman. I never skipped their classes…though that may have been because they were the few teachers who would actually punish me for such shenanigans. In a world where I napped in the paint room during Shop because the shop teacher was a perverted nut job, my crazy science teacher took naps during class and one of the vice principals I had was an overall dink, these teachers actually made an almost pointless 5 years worthwhile.

I mean, yeah, high school was a blast, but it was almost a pointless endeavor.

Though I wouldn’t change it for anything…KFC fries and gravy are that good and I happen to like some of the things I learned.

Day 9.6 – Tops Thursday!


There are somethings it can't fix...

There are very few things in this world that I don’t put ketchup on: Fruit, veggies, spaghetti, bagels, ice cream and a few other things. Otherwise, everything else gets a good spattering of ketchup on it whenever I eat it. In fact, I love ketchup so much and use so much of it that I normally go through a large 1.5 litre bottle of the stuff a month. Sometimes more. Ketchup makes good food taste infinitely better and for the most part it makes bad food taste edible. Sadly, there are exceptions to every rule so this week Tops Thursday is dedicated to the top 5 foods that I’ve eaten that Ketchup can’t fix.

1. Tomato flavoured Kraft Dinner – As weird as this sounds, I actually don’t like tomato’s in their raw form. I love them in Ketchup, on Ketchup chips, in pasta and in chili, but on their own tomato’s are gross. And that ick factor transferred over to Tomato flavoured Kraft Dinner. When I was a kid and spending a weekend with my Aunt we wound up making box of this stuff and it was gross! Seriously, I must have had more Ketchup in my bowl of KD than actual KD and it still didn’t kill the icky tomato flavour.

2. Liver – there is nothing in this world that can make liver taste good except for old age. My parents and lots of other adults that I know love liver, but I still gag just thinking about the last time I had liver in my mouth. Yuck.

3. Sushi – I’ve tried sushi four times in my life and all of those times sushi made me want to puke, scrub my mouth out with corrosive acid, puke again and then burn my taste buds off to kill the horrendous taste. In fact, I think sushi is so gross that even though we were at one of the best Sushi places in Vancouver, I still spat my California roll out as soon as my friend put it into my mouth. Actually, I kind of just let it fall out of my mouth since I couldn’t even bring myself to close my mouth and attempt to chew this blasphemy to the idea of food. I simply kept my mouth open and stuck my tongue out to let the piece of sushi fall off it and onto the waiting table. My second attempt at sushi involved Ketchup liberally coating my piece of sushi and I still gagged over the awful taste and wanted to lick sand paper after I spat it out.

4. Egg salad – The fact that any and all egg salads smell like rotten eggs and dirty farts simply speaks to the fact that Ketchup can never fix this food.

5. Non-Louisiana Gumbo – I have had Gumbo twice in my life. Once was when I was a kid and spending a weekend with my Aunty and the other was when I was in New Orleans for my 22nd birthday. The first time I ever had Gumbo in my life was wrong. I remember the Ketchup bottle near my dish as I literally filled each spoonful with my gross Gumbo and Ketchup to try and make my uncles food taste good. Up until this point he had been one of the best cooks I’d ever known in my young life so I didn’t want not eat his food that he’d spent all day cooking…but this Gumbo was REALLY bad! Since then I’ve met a great friend who is from Louisiana and have gotten a thorough lecture on never eating Gumbo unless it’s made by someone born and bred in Louisiana because it won’t be good any other way. Apparently the best chefs in the world can’t make a good Gumbo unless they meet the simple standard of being born into a family with a good recipe. Which I believe because Gumbo was an orgasmic experience when I had it in New Orleans. I didn’t even have to put Ketchup on it…actually I couldn’t put Ketchup on it because the lady who made it wouldn’t let me have any unless I promised to eat it as is. So Gumbo is forgiven when I’m in Louisiana.

There you have it, the top 5 things that Ketchup can’t fix.

Day 1.6 – My Top 5 Places in The Greater Vancouver Area


For those of you who know me, you know that I spend the summer living at home with parents and the rest of the year living in the Greater Vancouver Area while I go to school. I originally moved to Burnaby when I was 18 and a brand spanking new first year student at Simon Fraser University. I lived in dorms then, but my living spaces would shift all over the place. For a time I lived in a basement suite on South Granville, a suite new BCIT, with my then boyfriend just off of Kingsway near Metrotown, just off of Hasting’s and Holdom and a few other places. Since moving away from home I’ve moved 15 different times over the space of just under 6 years. As a result, I’ve fallen in love again and again with the cities that make up the Greater Vancouver Area. Here are my top 5 favorite places in no particular order:

1. 135 and N35 bus routes to and from Simon Fraser University to Downtown Vancouver – Why? Because it’s the most interesting route to take of them all! Not only do you get to see one of my favorite areas of Burnaby along Hastings, but the 135 SFU stops right outside of my favorite used book store which is a walk away from my favorite butcher which is very close to my favorite food market. I love this route simply because it has so much character. From Boundary road on you notice an almost immediate change in the environment as you stop and go along East Hastings and see a place that sells $7 hunting knives, a bar called “Funky Winker Beans” and another used book store that usually has all sorts of treasures in it. However, my favorite reason why I love this bus line is the fact that it often gets the most interesting people on it. I can’t count the number of times I’ve made a new and fun acquaintance or friend while taking a late night 135 or N35 back to SFU. Also the 135 stops near the PNE and a 24 hour sex shop…need I say more?

2. The SFU rooftop above the Maggie Benson Centre – Having lived in 3 separate dorms while going to SFU (Shell House, McTaggart-Cowan Hall and C Tower) I know that SFU can be a sick, sad and very depressing pike of concrete salad. Seriously! Try living on a campus that sometimes looks like it’s trapped in a black and white scary movie where all you ever see is drab buildings with fog always floating around. It’s not fun. There is a big “BUT” to this dreariness,thankfully. You see, in my first year I was awake at 6am every morning to go for a run before my classes started for the day. I would run from residences over to Convocation Mall and up the stairs that led to the koi pond where I would do a Rocky dance at the top of the stairs before turning and running back to residences. It wasn’t a long run, nor was it an interesting one because of all the c-c-c-cold concrete everywhere. So one morning I decided to run back to dorms across the rooftops and wow. I saw a city blanketed with fog so that only the tallest buildings were peaking out of the sea of fog while a vibrant pink sunset shone over top of it all. I fell in love then and there. Whenever I would feel down, needed a place to be alone or was just downright bored, I would head to those rooftops and look out over Vancouver and I would dance. Moments like those demand dancing.

3. The Lonsdale Quay – This was another gem that I discovered in my first year at SFU. I was hung over and visiting a friend and after a stomach rolling Sea Bus ride (I loved the Sea Bus despite that) I stumbled into the Quay. After quickly exploring the market and nearly barfing from the smell of all the fresh seafood, I went off to meet my friend with a self promise that I would be back. And hours later, I was back and fully exploring this new world within a world. I got fresh, but expensive fruit, chocolate peanut butter cups and a cute necklace for a dormmates up and coming birthday. It’s actually where I go to buy fresh pasta whenever I’m in the mood to actually cook a great bowl of pasta. Mostly I just like the market atmosphere and will usually make my way out to the Lonsdale Quay once or twice a month just to hang out with myself and sometimes others. That and I’m always interested in seeing all the different fish on display and am convinced that someday I will make myself eat something seafoody from there…someday.

4. Waves Coffee House on Hastings and Richards – I didn’t find this place until well into my third year at SFU. At the time I was living at SFU and working at Vera’s Burger Shack down in South Granville. It was a freaking one and a half hour commute! On two buses! My long commute led to me pushing to work longer shifts which led to me working closing shifts. Thankfully I had friends in low places who were more than happy to meet up with me after my closing shifts and drink the rest of the night away…or at least until I had to leave to catch the last N35 bus home. One of these particular nights I needed to detour from my usual route because I had to pee and I had to pee “RIGHT NOW!” as I yelled at a friend over my phone while I frantically tried to remember where I last put the 7/11 that was close to my bus stop. I searched high and low while steadfastly refusing to pee in an alleyway as my friend was urging me to do. Finally, as my bladder was about to burst from the 7 or 8 double vodka/Red Bull’s that I’d downed, I found salvation. It’s name was Waves Coffee House and it was open 24/7 and had a washroom. And brownies. How can you beat fresh baked brownies, a clean toilet and free wireless internet? At that moment I didn’t think that you could and I swear the angels sang as I sat there peeing to my hearts content with a fresh and chocolatey brownie safely stowed in my shoulder bag. Waves also turned out to be a great place to hide from the world and pull an all nighter writing a paper though it still mostly remains a drunken pit stop so that I can pee and get my brownie.

Image from platypuscreative.com/clientsites/cityviewterraces/neighbourhood.htm

5. Commercial Drive – Seriously, grab yourself, grab a friend, grab a pet or grab a stranger and walk along Commercial Drive. I started visiting here after I’d failed out of SFU and had started taking courses at Douglas College. For whatever reason I was making my way to work at Vera’s one day when I realized that I’d taken the day off the week before for whatever reasons I scheduled days off from work. I was bored and figured that since I was out of the house I might as well go and get Booster Juice. I flipped a coin and wound up at the Booster Juice location that’s right inside the Commercial Drive skytrain station. From there I noticed a clothing store that looked interesting and from there I noticed…lots of places that looked interesting. I’m actually still exploring C-Drive, but every time I go back I find something new and fun whether it’s great donairs, a fun cafe or just really fun people who I make silly faces at for the Hell of it. There isn’t enough I can say for this stretch of street except that you should just go there.

There you have it! 5 favored places of a 20-something Burnaby girl! They may not be the most awesomerest thing you can do while visiting Vancouver and area, but to me, they’re among the best way to spend your time, smiles and bladder.



Note: I’ve been sick and sleeping through my usual writing time and anything that I’ve written has been sub-par and therefore not posted. Trying to develop this habit of writing every day is tough to say the least. However, I am determined that by the end of this ear, my something everyday will be as natural to me as shooting free throws and farting.