I learned how to do my makeup!



In my last post I wrote about how I do my makeup. It involves me repeatedly checking myself in the mirror to see if I still resemble a human being and more or less hoping for the best. I honestly have never had a clue about what I’ve been doing and based what I was doing off a lot of makeup how-to videos and seeing my friends do their own makeup. This resulted in me doing weird things, having no idea why I was doing these weird things and sometimes the end result would leave me looking like the Ultimate Warrior.

Why was I dabbing this stuff on when I striped this stuff on? I saw someone do circular motions when putting on blush so I always did circular motions when putting on blush. Do I need to make all these faces when putting on eyeliner? Eventually I always just say “fuck it” and just use my fingers to smear everything on because that seems easier than trying to figure out what the sponge thing was for. You know, after I’ve finished my Ultimate Warrior look.

As it turns out, that sponge is a beauty blender and you need to get it wet before you use it.

I learned this from my friend Sheena who is a makeup artist based in the Greater Vancouver Area.

After years of not really knowing what I’m doing and thinking makeup how-to’s lie about how easy it is to put stuff on, I finally decided enough was enough. It was time for me to actually learn about what the hell I was doing and how not to sometimes wind up looking like a WWE wrestler. So I booked a learning session with Sheena. She was nice enough to offer some suggestions and we decided that I would bring my makeup bag over to her place and she would help me learn how to do a couple of basic looks on myself.

In the past, I’ve always had issues with wearing makeup because I feel like I would spend the whole day looking in a mirror and adjusting it. It was never as flawless as I wanted to me. Something always needed to be blended, or running, or smeared. Every time I went near a mirror, I was adjusting something. Of course I would notice more things as lighting changed and…I honestly wasn’t overly confident wearing makeup. It was nice that I could cover my bad skin up, but I was always looking in a mirror and worrying about how I looked.

This is where Sheena comes in.

Before we did anything, she looked at everything that I had in my makeup bag and asked how I used it. She pulled everything out and we talked about why I liked it, what I used it for, and she made a few comments on what she thought of the product. Then she had me start doing my makeup so she could see what I did and…


I very quickly learned that I needed to stop finger painting foundation on to my face. I also learned how to properly use a beauty blender.

Honestly, if that was all I learned that day, I would have been happy. Instead of an awkward smearing of foundation that I would spend the rest of the day blending in with my fingers, I got a flawless, clean look. Sheena applied foundation on half of my face to show me how to use my beauty blender and then had me do the other side to practice what she just showed me. Once I’d gotten done blending in my side, I truly loved how I looked. My skin looked even, blemish free, and not at all cakey or streaky.

But things didn’t end there. I learned how to use my weird eyebrow kit to make my brows look super full, arched, and pretty. Sheena also used some of her products on me, to show me how they worked. She showed me how to use concealer and a contouring kit. Then she helped me apply my favourite lipstick. Everything she showed me, I could easily do on my own. The best part was that everything she showed me, I could pick and choose from. I didn’t have to do everything as a full routine. I could just put foundation on and define my brows for a super cute day look, or I could go a bit further with bold lipstick and a bit of contouring for a glammy night look.


Look by Sheena  Sass by me

Mostly I was super stoked on the fact that I could just spend a few minutes in the morning defining my eyebrows and wind up looking like an uber version of my cuteself. Seriously. It takes me less than 3 minutes to do my eyebrows in the morning and the effect is amazing. I personally think that my eyes look a little bigger and more expressive, and I feel like I look like I just spend an hour doing my makeup when all I really did was brush some powder on my brows.

Honestly, I am so happy that I booked this learning session with Sheena. Not only was she my friend, but she was an utter professional too. She used the tools that I already owned and taught me how to use them confidently. I also left the session feeling like I would never wind up looking like the Ultimate Warrior ever again.

Unless I wanted to.

END NOTE: If you’ve read this far, go check out Sheena’s Instagram, @sheena_mua_. She is a makeup artist based out of the Greater Vancouver Area and is available for bookings.

How I do my makeup



I don’t wear makeup often. I used to wear it daily, but that got old fast because I’m lazy and would rather sleep an extra 15 minutes than do my makeup. I’ve also hit a point in my life where I feel like…I just don’t need to impress anyone. Except myself because sometimes I just really want to be cute. But before, I wore make up because my skin was really bad and it made me feel better to cover it all up. Which means I wore makeup every day.

However, I never actually knew how to put my make up on.

So this is how things would go for me:

I would start by washing my hands because I know where my hands go and I don’t want any of that near my face. Then I would wash my face because I feel like you should start with a clean canvas. After that I would use toner and moisturizer because I like to take care of my face and years of acne has taught me a thing or two about caring for my skin.

Now this is where the fun starts. I would basically start finger painting on my face. I would dot on primer and then smear it all over my face. After that I would use my foundation to paint warrior and then smear it all over my face until it was reasonably blended.

Then I would look in the mirror to see if I still looked human.

Usually I did resemble a human, so I moved on to the next step.


Eyeliner. I carefully use my pencil to line my eyes. The whole time I would be willing myself not to turn my eyeball into some sort of macabre bbq skewer with my pencil. Sometimes it would take a few attempts to get it just right, but it would eventually work!

Then I would look in the mirror to see if I still resembled a human.

And usually I did so I would move on to either adding a little blush or bronzer to my face. Most of the time I would add bronzer because I look better when bronze. Now at this point I had to go slowly and start small. My face would almost be a Rachael Bowser masterpiece and if I got even slightly carried away, then everything would be ruined. Except usually I would mess up and put too much of something on so then I would frantically rub my face to get it off and try to blend it in better. Then I would use tissue to dab my face before using my hands to rub everything in one last time.


Then I would look in the mirror to see if I still resembled a human and I usually did.

At that point I would usually give up because I looked human so I knew that I should quit while I was ahead. If I was feeling particularly brave or industrious, I would add lipstick and call it a day.

And it all worked. My acne would be covered, I would look human, I would feel human, and most importantly, I wouldn’t have stabbed my eye out with an eyeliner.