My 31st meal prep!



I just did my first 31st consecutive meal prep! I mean, I took a week off when I took my mom to Las Vegas for her birthday, but even then I prepared snacks for our drive to the airport. So, that’s 31 weeks of me cooking for myself, not poisoning myself, and generally eating way healthier than I used to. Mostly not poisoning myself. I am really pleased that I haven’t poisoned myself in well over 3 years. I’ve set a lot of fires, flooded my kitchen twice, and exploded some muffins, but I haven’t poisoned myself in a while. 31 meal preps is a big deal for me because I don’t like cooking so my weekly meal prep is a special kind of torture for me, but every week I get ‘er done and I’ve learned some stuff along the way.

Mostly I’ve learned that there are consequences for my actions and they are often swift and just. Like this past week when I decided to make pancakes muffins and get a little experimental with them. The recipe called for milk, but I didn’t have any milk. Nor did I want to sacrifice any of my chocolate soy milk.


Which is also something I’ve learned while meal prepping: how to buy exact amounts of what I need so nothing goes to waste. So sacrificing chocolate soy milk for pancake muffins and not having a breakfast shake for one day just didn’t sit right with me. I wasn’t about to use my chocolate soy milk. I also didn’t want to go down the street to buy milk because I only needed a little bit.

So I went rooting through my fridge to find a potential milk substitute.

The other lesson I’ve learned about meal prep is to only buy what I need. If I buy more than I need I wind up with science experiments in my fridge and since I’m an arts student, no one cares about my science experiments. OK, some people might care about my science experiments, but mostly because they might be biohazards that I’ve accidentally cultivated in my fridge.

This is one meal prep with several lessons. I swear most other meal preps have gone a little more smoothly than this one. The other lesson I learned was that I should stick to my meal plans and not deviate because then I wind up rooting around for a dairy substitute to put into pancake muffins. All I had on hand was my chocolate soy milk and Greek yogurt.

After some quick google searching, I decided to use one of my yogurts. I had one spare yogurt that I was probably going to eat as an extra snack, but I figured that I could sacrifice it for my pancake muffin experiment.

I measured out my dry ingredients and things seemed to be going ok. There were no explosions. Then I gooped my yogurt into my dry pancake muffin mix and stirred everything together with all my other wet ingredients. I stirred, whisked, and did all of the things that the recipe told me to do until I had what looked like pancake muffin batter that I dumped a couple handfuls of blue berries into. I was actually really proud of myself for mostly following the recipe.Β  I mean the only part of the recipe that I didn’t follow was the part where I was supposed to use milk, but yogurt is just clumpy milk right?


I don’t know what went wrong, but the pancake muffins…turned into an overflowing, gloopy, molten mess in the oven.

At first my kitchen smelled amazing. I was a baking master. I was going to be Canada’s next top chef. My life was good and I was excited for blueberry pancake muffins.


Then my kitchen started to smell familiar. It smelled like burning, but that was usual for me. There is always something burning in my kitchen because elements are never as clean as they should be. Everything was fine. Until my kitchen started to smell like smoke.

Because there was smoke coming out of my oven. My pancake muffins had flowed out of their holders and had turned into the before mentioned overflowing, gloopy, molten mess. Thankfully there wasn’t a fire, but the batter had started to bubble and pop. It was also in my ovens element making sizzling noises.

It was all just a smoky, burning mess and all I could do was turn my oven on, let everything cool off and continue on with my meal prep.

In the end, I didn’t get my pancake muffins, but I did finish my meal prep. In this case, I think that’s all that matters. I didn’t have a fun snack, but the rest of my prep was finished.


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