I held a new born baby!


When I came home this past Christmas, I met up with my friends in town to see the Kamloops Wild Lights Show. At first I got lost in the Park and Amber had to come find me.  After being away from home for 84 days, I was stoked to see her. I was even more stoked when she hugged me and said about one of the most awesome things that I’ve ever heard…

“You’re going to be an aunty.”

I’ve never understood girls who jump and scream until that moment. I always thought it was silly that these women felt the need to jump around screaming for whatever reasons they need to jump and scream. Well now I understand. I was very excited to find out that a) Amber was pregnant and, b) I was going to be an aunty! I wanted to jump and scream and punch the air because I was *that* happy.


Mason rocking the Welsh rugby jersey I brought back for him!

Amber was due in July and before I knew it I was waking up to a text telling me about this new little guy Mason. That’s right! I have a nephew and his name is Mason and he’s pretty much perfect. He is so perfect that I actually held him! In the past, if my friends wanted me to chill with their newborns I would lie on my tummy on the floor and then have them put their baby on the floor with me. Then the baby and I would hangout and chat for a while. Mason gets to be different because even though I won’t be around all that much, I plan to make sure he at least likes me by bribing him with adventures and shenanigans.

Read: I totally held the newest baby that I’ve ever held in my entire life! I’ve never in my life held a baby that was that fresh from the uterus. I mean he wasn’t fresh fresh from there, but he was still really new and I held him.

Amber had me sit down on her couch and she put this weird pillow thing on my lap that wrapped around me and laid her child in my arm. This pillow thing is effing magic. Mason chilled on the pillow and I held him at the same time and it was pretty great. And by “chilled”, I very much mean this little guy just chilled out. No crying or screaming or anything insane that would further convince me that I never want children ever. Instead my nephew and I just hung out and I admired and marveled at how cute he was.

Though I did freak out every time he moved or made a noise. I think I should get points for loving the little guy enough that I was terrified of something happening where he might get hurt.

I also said lots of silent thank you’s that he wasn’t an ugly baby. Though I should have known better. Amber and her husband are good looking people. Except some newborns just look weird at first. In any event, Mason is about as awesome and cute as any baby can be and I can say that honestly.

Magical is definitely going to be a cliché that I’m going to use to describe how awesome that evening was for me. I got to hang out with two friends that I rarely get to see while I held my adorable nephew. It was very weird and amazing that I was holding this little dude knowing that I was going to see him grow up.

I’m one of the worst friends in the world to have because I only see Amber, Brittany, and a few of my other friends from high school once or twice a year. I’m trying to be better about that, but life gets busy. It doesn’t mean I love them less or anything like that, it just means that I have to make the best of the time that I do get with them. Hopefully now that I’m not in school I’ll be able to make more time to see them. And Mason.

Well, I also plan to see Amber too. I think her and Mason are a package deal for now. This is perfect because Amber is always that friend who makes time to see me and always greets me with open arms and hugs that make me feel like I’m the most amazing person in the world. Amber time is best time.

Hopefully Mason will someday feel the same way for me that I feel about his mom.


He doesn’t know it yet, but Mason already has me wrapped around his finger.

Mason, you’re just little right now and you can’t read and I’m kind of still scared of holding you, but I promise to be that crazy aunt that randomly appears ready to roll in the mud with you and get up to shenanigans. Maybe we can colour and have a snack together too. I’m not going to be around as much as I like, but I do promise that when I do visit, we’re going to have fun. Maybe when you’re a bit older your mom will send you off for sleepovers with me. But for now, I’m ok with holding you and watching you grow. Also, if you really need me, I promise to move mountains to be there. Serious kid, I’ll blow shit up for you if I have to.

Except don’t ask me to blow stuff up. That’s probably how I end up in jail or accidentally starting a dictatorship. I’ll be there for you, ok? We’ll just leave it at that for now. We’ll call blowing shit up “Plan Zeta Red”, kay? Kay. We got this.


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