Home again, home again, jiggity jig.


Before I made my way back to London, I had one last stop to make in Bristol. Chris and I had decided to meet up one last time before I flew back to Canada. You can probably read that last sentence as: I decided that I wanted to see Chris one last time before flying back to Canada so I made him come pick me up at the Bristol train station so we could hang out for a bit. So rather than taking a train right to London, I decided to drag all of my stuff to Bristol and then to London so I could see one of my best friends one last time because I really have no idea when I’ll get to see him next.

That sounds a little bit dramatic, but at the time I was genuinely upset that I didn’t know when I would see him again.

baconYou see, Chris easily and quickly became one of my best friends. He’s a demanding turdball that would turn up at my door at 1am to demand that I serve him milk and then keep me awake until I was cranky and threatening him with bodily harm because he was bored. But he was also someone that would turn up at my door at 3am because my mom had just called to say my dog had just passed away. We met one drunken night in our student’s union and our weird friendship grew from there. I wish there was a quick and easy way for me to sum up my friendship with Chris, but there really isn’t.


I doubt I could have started a serious fire with this...

I doubt I could have started a serious fire with this…

He basically thinks I’m crazy sprinkles dipped in three flavours of insanity. I probably did nothing to disprove this theory. I mean, I did decide to stick candles in a pizza on my birthday because I wanted to blow the candles out. It probably wasn’t the best idea since I was kind of tipsy and have never had the best of luck with fire to begin with. Or at least Chris didn’t think it was a good idea when he looked at me like I was dancing naked around him while waving pissed off cobras in his face while asking him to do my homework. He tends to overreact like that. Really, it was just me, him, a pizza that had some candles in it, and the slightest potential that I would somehow set my dorm on fire.

...the duck face confuses me.

…the duck face confuses me.Br

Anyway, I saw Chris in Bristol. We wound up dragging my 33kg hockey bag, carry-on suitcase, and backpack across the city because we wanted Five Guys Burgers. Thankfully we took a bus back to the train station because after eating the heaven that is a Five Guys burger, I didn’t want to drag all of my stuff anywhere else.

My time in Bristol was too short. From what I saw, it was a nice city that deserves exploring. Plus I wanted to spend a little more time with Chris because at that point I hadn’t seen him in a couple of weeks. Sadly, I had to catch a train and I may or may not have cried a little bit when it came time to say “see you later” to one of the people who made my time in the UK amazing.

After Bristol I was back on a train to London. Upon arriving in London I braved the Underground on my own for the first time ever. The trains and platforms were clogged with people as I navigated myself and my bags from one place to another. I met a few nice people who helped me drag my bags on and off the trains and eventually I found myself taking a bus to my hotel.

Originally I had planned to drop my stuff off in my room and head back out into London one last time, but at that point I was emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted. So I did what any sane person would do.

I got drunk and texted my friends all night.

For the first time ever I finished a pint of beer by myself. I also finished a pint of cider. As well as several more pints of cider. I’ve decided that I’m probably more a cider person than a beer person at this point in my life. Basically I sat down at my hotel bar to mope by myself and read my book and wound up having a few drinks with a guy at the bar who wouldn’t leave me alone to pout.

The next day I learned a life lesson: Never fly hungover.

My flight home was uneventful. I watched a few movies and tried to keep myself awake so that I would sleep properly when I got home. I can now say that on all of my flights to and from London I watched Little Women each and every time. It’s easily one of my all time favourite movies and books. On my flight home I managed to time the movie to end just as we were landing in Vancouver.

As soon as I was able to, I was off the plane and running across the airport while texting and Snap Chatting my friends back in the UK that I had landed safely. I bumped people as I ran, I politely shouted “EXCUSE ME” while I pushed my way through the slow moving crowds, and full out sprinted at every chance I had. All of the time I’d spend training with Haylee paid off that day as I tirelessly ran across the airport. My momma was waiting for me and it had been 140 days since I’d last seen her and I didn’t want to wait a second longer than necessary to see her.

I made it through baggage claim and customs in record time and ran out to the waiting crowds looking for my mom. She was there waiting with everyone else and the only thing I could do was drop my bags and put her in a headlock while I cried happy tears. My momma is a tiny lady so when I hug her she kind of gets…crushed. She never seems to care though. Who wouldn’t love a solid headlock/hug from an awesome daughter like me?

Anyway, I cried. My mom cried. The lady watching us while she waited for her son cried.


Finally back with my momma!

Then some security guard told me that my bag was in the way and I had to move it so mom and I grabbed my stuff and headed out to the car to start making our way home. Or sort of make our way home. As we were sitting in the car and I was settling in, my mom showed me a picture of a little St. Bernard puppy and asked if I wanted him.

We didn’t get a puppy that day (But we got Five Guys, so that was almost as good). Instead my parents went and picked him up the next day. So yeah, the day after I landed back in Canada my family got a puppy. His name is Goliath.

I'm home!

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