Life in the Library and at the Pitches

Work and energy drinks. This was my life.

Work and energy drinks. This was my life.

My Easter Break came to an end and that meant that I only had just over a month before I would be completed all the requirements for my degree. In that time I had to give a presentation at a conference, hand in my creative project, and write one last final. Basically Haylee, Lisa and I wound up living in the library while we finished all of our school work. We would wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast and would all work our way to the library where we would set up on two couches and start working.


We took lots of breaks to do other things…

And procrastinating.

11038573_10100463538508073_8157038400476138684_nAnd napping.

11162078_10206107627516896_1617627415295345750_nAnd eating.

Yeah, we spent a lot of time in the library.

We're into trick shots like this.

We’re into trick shots like this.

Then at night we would pack up all of our stuff, have dinner, and then head to our Student’s Union where we would spend the night hanging out and blowing off steam. We’ve been learning how to play darts and pool. Haylee and Lisa have gotten good at both, I haven’t. I still love to play. I never thought I’d be the sort of person to happily dance around a pool table while attempting to put balls in the pockets. Though if I ever make good shots, it’s usually a huge amount of luck mixed in with a very small amount of skill.

IMG_3524Our first week back at classes, we had our final netball game of the year. It was a re-match and we were playing for second and third place. Unfortunately we lost. By a lot. It wasn’t the way that I wanted to end my netball season, but sometimes things like this happens. Even though my netball experience wasn’t what I had hoped it would be this year, I am still thankful that I got to play a sport that I love in another country. I met some amazing girls in my teammates and it was great to get to know them. Especially Mary who is not only an amazing athlete, but also an all around beautiful person. I wish her and I had more time together on the court and with each other.

11256839_10100467833635603_5561872998439980478_n11193267_10100467834458953_179464863363897401_n11202957_10100467833475923_5892176274208431421_nIn between hanging out, and spending time in the library, I’ve spent a lot of time watching football! At the start of year when Haylee and I started going to games we only really knew Josh who we were there to support. Now we know all of the guys on the team by name and they are definitely a great bunch of guys.

Some of the football guys.

Some of the football guys.

I still don’t really understand much about the sport besides the whole “ball goes in the net”. Mostly I enjoy spending time with Lisa and Haylee (I call them my gremlins now!) at the pitches where we can cheer Josh, Pumba and the rest of the team on.

11143105_10100465805934133_549212805486959823_n11150813_10100460724507353_8193947017969242342_n11174769_10100460722221933_871460580744825448_n11205113_10100468580893093_3238899318575233737_nExcept, sometimes the fun has to get put aside for real work. Which is the reason why I came here. To graduate. My first big assignment that I had due was a presentation that I had to give at a conference that I helped to organize for one of my courses. It was nerve-wracking! The night before I had to deliver the presentation I sat in my room with Lisa, Haylee and Josh and I did a practice presentation on them. I could feel myself shaking the entire time! This presentation would be the first that that I ever shared a completed written work that I had done. I was completely freaked out! Thankfully, the next day went smoothly and I didn’t do anything to embarrass myself and I didn’t die of fright. I counted that as a win. Then my grade came back for my work and I got a 68. Back home a 68 would be a not so good mark, but my little chart that I’ve looked up says that a 68 here is the equivalent of the A- range back home. I was excited and proud of this grade.

11140401_10100470068546823_7028276428800966_nAfter that I settled in to finish my creative project. Most days I felt like I was going to go crazy, but Lisa, Josh, Haylee, and Pumba were there to help keep me sane. Haylee and I were both in the same course so we slowly chipped away at our work. It was hard, but I am incredibly proud of the work that the two of us did. I’m also incredibly thankful to Lisa, Josh and Pumba who were there with us when we needed them to give us support in the form of hugs and chocolate when we needed it. And carrots. I picked up a liking for carrots, but didn’t want to buy a full bag because I didn’t think I could eat a full bag of carrots before they rotted so I would just buy one carrot. Or ask someone to pick me up one carrot if they were in the grocery store. It was a nice break when Josh would walk into the library and say “here you go, Bugs” and toss me my carrot.

One day we got to take a break from our work when a surprise for Lisa came in the mail. Haylee and I had found a perfect gift for her and we’d been waiting for weeks for it to arrive. Lisa had found out we’d gotten her something and spent the entire time trying to trick us into telling her what it was. We’d given her hints so when Haylee walked into the library with the envelope that held her gift, Lisa knew what she was getting.

IMG_4241We’d adopted a three-toed sloth in her name.

A number of times Lisa had mentioned wanting a sloth, so when Haylee and I saw we could adopt one in her name, we knew that it would be the perfect gift for her and it was. We all cried happy tears. We’re kind of criers now.


I seriously felt like I was going insane while working on my creative project. I spent so much time editing it, cutting it up, and re-writing parts that I started to hate my work. At the end of the day I was always stressed out and felt like I was falling apart at the seams. That’s when my best friend, Chris, would step in and keep me sane. I can’t count the number of nights we stayed up talking until the wee hours of the morning. Then the night he finished his dissertation was a nice break for us. That night we sat the the bar drinking, joking, and laughing. That night I was delighted when I asked the bartender for a pitcher of Rapunzel and I got this fruity, pink concoction that I fell in love with. I hated myself the next day, but being able to take the night off and hang out with Chris gave me the break I needed to keep going.

And keep going I did until I handed in my creative project. It was due on May 15 at 11:55pm so Haylee and I spent the day in the library doing final touches and around 6pm we were finished. FINISHED. All of the time that we had poured into these projects had finally come to an end and everyone was still there with us at the finish line. Chris was waiting with chocolate, Lisa was waiting with chocolate, and I had celebratory vodka waiting for me. It felt good to be finished.

Or almost finished. That following Monday we had to write a final paper before we were done.

11238731_10100468581037803_7297582971938770110_n Instead Haylee and I went to a football game to cheer the boys on because we’re awesome students.

11165232_10100468584565733_2937954299736945753_nThen on Monday we walked into the sports hall where we had spent all year playing basketball and netball and we wrote the last final we were required to for our degrees. We. Were. Done. Just like that, the reason for me being in Wales was finished. I had completed all of the requirements needed to graduate and…I can’t say much more can I?

Done. So very very done.

Done. So very very done.

After 10 years I’m finally finished my BA. Now I’m just waiting for all of my final grades to come in and all that will be left is graduation. It feels amazing.



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