Thumper – The Bear Stealer


Ever since I was little, I’ve always needed something soft to rub on my nose when I go to sleep. My current something soft is a hand puppet that looks like a bear. His name is Lucifer. According to everyone except me, that bear isn’t so soft anymore. However, I love it. My dog, Thumper, loves it too.

Meet Thumper:



She’s a fourteen month old Rhodesian Ridgeback-Bull Mastiff cross. She’s currently around the 100 lbs marker and is almost bigger than my mom. And like I said before, she loves my bear too. Any chance that she gets she’ll steal my bear and chew on him. Which pisses me off because then he’s all slobbered upon and I have to wash him. Plus he gets bite marks all over him from where Thumper rips into him.

So I’ve had to be smart when it comes to leaving my room. The bear has to be out of reach of Thumper, and I can’t trust her alone with him ever.

Thumper has also gotten smarter about stealing him. The one thing that she does is she cuddles up in bed with me while I’m sleeping. She waits for me to be fully asleep and then she slowly creeps up the bed. She did it this morning when she thought I was asleep. I barely cracked open my eyes and watched her crawl forward until she was close enough to stretch her neck forward to grab him. She had her lips peeled back off her teeth and her mouth was just barely open as she slowly inched her snout closer and closer to my bear. As she was just carefully opening her mouth the slightest bit to grab my bear and pull him away, I opened my eyes flicked her nose. She knew she was caught and returned to the foot of the bed to plot and plan.

And this is how my mornings go with Thumper when we’re home alone. We have a lazy morning in bed with me sleeping and reading, and her sleeping and plotting. She tries to steal the bear and I protect the bear from her slobbery mouth. Eventually we get out of bed to do other things that people and dogs do during their day. Thumper will also eventually try to sneak into my room to steal the bear which I will have placed out of her reach.


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