I’m home!


After a long bus ride, a basketball game (we lost), a pit stop for a snack (my sister and I eat a lot), I finally got home last night. Then my mom made us bannock (friend bread!) burgers and I’ve basically been in heaven since then.

For whatever reason, I always sleep better when I’m home. Never mind the fact that my hobo hole has the comfier of my beds, I just always sleep better at home. So rather than writing or doing anything productive today, I slept. A lot.

So here is a picture of the view outside of my house. In the summer time.

240_517520274223_8068_n (1)

Hopefully tomorrow I will do something productive. Or at the very least I will hassle my parents to borrow the car and then I will hassle my friends so I can go visit them. One of the goals I always have is to be less of an asshole friend that my friends only see once a year. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


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