These Things Exist


photo (8)Yes. It’s wine with free fake eyelashes with purchase. I was actually tempted to buy these things because I’ve never put on fake eyelashes and I figured the best way to do it would be while drunk. Except it wasn’t the best freebie I’ve seen attached to alcohol so I didn’t do that.

photo (7)


AC/DC wine is a thing now. I briefly go excited and thought about buying a bottle, but there was no “Thunderstruck” so my panties dried up drier than a popcorn fart in the desert and I moved on with my life. You can actually buy these wines in a gift set too. If that’s what you’re into.

Or you can be like me and be happy that you drank a bottle of champagne with a good friend for brunch and decide that was enough alcohol for the day even though soaking gummy bears in whiskey sounded like a really good idea.



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