My Very Dear Friend


Winnie the Pooh quote

One of the things that I love about Winnie the Pooh is how he references his friends. He almost always calls Piglet “My very best friend” and he almost always references everyone else as “My very dear friend…” I think it’s adorable and a great way to speak of your friends instead of just calling them a “friend”.

In thinking about this, I thought that it would be great if I were to start calling my friends, my very dear friends because they are very dear to me. I love them all. Then I got to thinking how I could make this an acronym! I could tell people all about my VDF…Wait. No, that probably won’t work. VDF sounds like some sort of STI and the last thing I want is for people who don’t really know me or who haven’t caught onto my new acronym to think that I’m running around naming my STI’s.

So maybe I will hold off on referencing people as “my VDF”, but I do think that I will start referencing my friends as “my very dear friend” because it’s cute and I like it. I’ll just hold off on calling them “my VDF”…

P.S I don’t have any STI’s, nor have I ever had an STI. I just think if I went around saying “My VDF, Christy”, people would think I was talking about an STI that I named and then they would get insulted that my STI’s got a name and theirs didn’t. Except I don’t have STI’s and I’m sure the people I talk to don’t have STI’s either and if they do, that’s totally ok, but I’m sure they don’t want to talk about it so…this is getting awkward. I don’t have STI’s and I’ve never had one.


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