Hmmm…uh oh?




This seems like a good question to answer since I took a break from playing Dungeons & Dragons Online to make sure that I got my daily post posted. In DDO, I’m the main character. I’m currently in the process of leveling an air savant sorcerer. This means that I basically specialize in shooting electricity and bursts of sonic beams out of my hands. My character is also a warforged so it’s made out of stone and wood and is like a steam punky robot type thing.

So how fucked am I?

I think I’m pretty fucked. My character electrocutes anything that it can attack without hesitation. Well, I should say that I like to electrocute stuff without hesitation. Anyway, my character is pretty good at zapping things. It’s like Zeus resides in my palms and loves to toss his lightning bolts out of them and straight into the faces of my enemies.

I think I’m pretty fucked. I’m not resistant to being shot in the face with lightning and my character this life has a level of rogue and is pretty damn sneaky. So if my sorcerer pops out of nowhere with the intent to kill me, I’m pretty much dead. And sadly if I try to run, I’ll probably just die out of breath.

On the other hand, if the last game I played was Terrarria, I think I’m pretty safe. My character is currently set up to look like a bunny. Who wears a top hat. And swings a great sword. I’d want to capture and pet that character.


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