I’m on this continual goal to lose weight. So every day I try to do something to be a little bit healthier and I try to stick to my overall health goals. Some days I fail, some days I do exceedingly well. Other days are just days, and I find that acceptable. Today wasn’t an acceptable day. It wasn’t a fail day either. Today, in regards to my health and weight loss goals, today was an amazing day.


Well, today was great because I got to play netball. I started playing 10 years ago (almost to the day) and I’ve loved it more and more with each passing year.

Sadly, every year I forget that netball requires me to use a set of muscles that I don’t use very often in any other sport. I don’t know why, but at the end of a netball match, I have all these little muscles that I’m rarely aware of screaming at me to stop what I’m doing because they aren’t used to getting worked over like they are.

So, I’m in sore muscle agony right now. Even after an ice bath, a hot bath, stretching, and an ice shower and hot shower I’m still sore! I’m not walking like a little old lady, but I can feel all of those muscle bits engaging as I move around. And they hate me. You would think that I would learn or try to keep those muscles engaged daily so they don’t hate me when netball time rolls around, but for whatever reason, playing netball is the only thing that gets those particular muscles going.

As a result, my new health goal is to try and fit more time into my week to do netball stuff on my own. I’d really like to be on good terms with those muscles instead of them screaming at me every time I move.


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