You need to learn how to meow


chickenOne morning in high school I woke up with one of the worst calf cramps that I’ve ever had in my collective memory. Normally I can handle a calf cramp easily, but this one was so bad that I couldn’t do anything. So I did what I always do when I panic and don’t know what to do…I screamed for my mom. Except she sleeps like the dead so she didn’t wake up despite the fact that I was across the hallway screaming in pain as loudly as I could. My dad, who was downstairs in the basement, heard me and came to my rescue.

There are so many examples of my mom going to sleep, and staying asleep. Most of them are humorous.

Except for the fact that I still remember the morning my dad saved me from a calf cramp and she slept through my screaming, but I’ve seen her wake up because the cat meowed. No lies, I’ve seen her wake up because the cat made a tiny noise. Now she always tells me that if I ever need her, I just need to meow. Or she jokes that I need to learn how to meow so I can wake her up whenever I need her. Of course we both laugh about the fact that she’d probably sleep through and earthquake, but never sleep through the cat wanting a snack, but that’s because we have a sense of ha ha. Well, we both have a sense of ha ha, until she sleeps through another leg cramp that my dad has to save me from. Then I might be a little upset because I am not going to remember to meow in a moment like that.

However, when you think about it, there is a serious upside to learning how to meow. It would mean that I could wake my mom up whenever I wanted.  Pancakes at midnight? MEOW.


2 thoughts on “You need to learn how to meow

  1. My partner has quite happily slept through my shouting (well, maybe not shouting, but I wasn’t quiet!) at her that the farm across the road was on fire, and twice through my running around the house because someone was trying to break in.

    But if I go to the toilet in the middle of the night? Awake – immediately!

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