Another Knock Knock Joke


blog wordsKnock knock?

Who’s there?

I eat mop.

I eat mop poo.

You eat your poo?!

I’m totally finding this joke funnier than I should. I also have nothing to write. Originally I tried drawing my self portrait on paint, but paint sucks after getting used to Adobe Illustrator so I quit that real fast. Then I decided to try and write a blog post about my ten favourite words, but that quickly went down the drain. Instead I made a word cloud of the most used words on my blog and giggled at a silly knock knock joke.

Well, I more than giggled. I full on belly laughed because it was that good.

I’m really regretting this whole thing where I make a post every day, but that’s because I’m a lazy butthole. Maybe if I keep it up I’ll start turning out things worth giggling at besides silly knock knock joke. Or maybe I’ll become all about knock knock jokes. Who doesn’t love a plethora of knock knock jokes?

Did I use plethora correctly?


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