A Lesson in Fire



Yesterday I decided that I wanted French Toast. Except I had no bread, or milk. What I had was tortilla wraps, and vanilla Greek yogurt. I also had raspberries. And whiskey. So I decided to make…French Tortilla. I don’t know what it should be called, but I mixed yogurt and egg together, drenched the tortilla in the egg mix and cooked it like French Toast.

I also decided that I wanted to make a raspberry-whiskey sauce because…I remembered seeing a recipe somewhere and thought it looked good and like I could handle it. Sadly, I couldn’t find the recipe so I just winged the recipe from what I could remember.

Except…I’m kind of clumsy in the kitchen and “winging” things is never a good idea. However, I really wanted to try the sauce so I went for it.

And then a fire happened. There I was standing in my kitchen in a sports bra and basketball shorts and flames were shooting up out of my raspberry filled pot. My first instinct was to run away screaming, but then I remembered that there was a fire in my kitchen. So I used a plastic spoon turn the heat off on my stove and push the pot off the element. The fire eventually went away.

That’s when I realized that I probably should follow recipes and not cook with alcohol. Ever. Unless I’m drinking it. Drinking alcohol while cooking might be ok.

P.S. I managed to make a raspberry sauce without the whiskey and the French…tortillas turned out fantabulous!


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