Snot Bubbles



I spent a solid 15 minutes last night blowing snot bubbles with my nose and trying to take a picture of it. For some reason my snot was extra bubbly and mucus filled so if I tried to breathe out my nose a bubble would form. The first time it happened I was weirdly delighted so I FaceTimed my friend Brian to show him.

Me: Hey! Look what I can do!

Him: Hashtag forever alone.

And then he hung up because he was watching a movie with his girlfriend. He also knew that I was going to hag up on him for actually saying “hashtag”.

I eventually quit blowing snot bubbles and blew my nose, but that was only because I realized that I was sitting in my bed trying to blow the biggest snot bubble that I could and take a picture of it. With the full intention of posting it on Facebook. In a brief moment of clarity I realized some things are just not meant to be photographed and posted online.

So I blogged about it instead.


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