Eyes Wide Closed…while cutting an onion.


I had a super productive day today. Sort of. Last night I cut up potatoes, celery, and carrots and stored them over night so I could toss them all in my crockpot this morning so I could have turkey soup for dinner tonight. And lunch tomorrow. And probably dinner tomorrow as well, just to be sure that I’ve eaten enough turkey soup for the week. So when I say productive, I mean I slept in an hour late, scrambled out of bed to toss all of that stuff and some frozen turkey leftovers into my crockpot, and then went about my morning in a slightly hurried pace.


I got home from work tonight and realized that my turkey soup totally needed onions. So I set about chopping some an onion up to toss into the pot. There I was standing over this onion, hacking away at it while my eyes stung and teared up. I hate stingy onion eyes. But I also wanted to be done with chopping onions that I just kept hacking away.




It was only when I felt the cold and juicy blade press against my left index and middle fingers that I realized my eyes were closed. And not only were my eyes closed, my head was turned as far away from the onion as it could possibly be.


Sort of oops. The concept seemed to work. My onion was getting chopped and I wasn’t getting stingy onion eyes. I just had to be extremely cautious about the next handful of times that I pushed my blade down so as not to lose any fingers. So yeah, my eyes stayed closed and my onion got chopped. I am now a master chef.

This is probably one of the reasons why I shouldn’t be left unsupervised for long periods of time…


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