My First Graphic Novel…or is it a comic book? Anyway. It’s Deadpool.


At my last count, 6gb of my 12gb of memory that I have available on my phone is books. I’ve also managed to store more books online. This isn’t mentioning the collection of Criminology academic journals I have saved for referencing/reading at a later date (though I should just read them for the pure knowledge of it). I love to read. My mom has a Student of the Week Award on her bedroom wall from when I was in grade three (or maybe two or four) and one of my accomplishments was joining the older students for a novel study.

Side note: Getting to do a novel study with the older kids was awesome. We did “Charlotte’s Web”. The only downside was the fact that the next year I had to read it again because that’s the book every kid has to read at that age. Then for whatever reason I wound up having to read it again the next year for a novel study because…I don’t remember, but it irritated me endlessly. As a result, I now hate “Charlotte’s Web”. Babe is twice the awesome that Wilbur is.

Now, I love the fact that I can find and download almost any book in the world. I love that I can buy ebooks for a fraction of the cost of physical books. I absolutely love that I can literally have hundreds of books at my fingertips as long as I have my phone, plus access to millions more if I have internet access. I love it. Except for one little detail. Ebooks can never ever compete with physical books. Their smell, the way the pages feel on my fingers as I turn the page, and laying in the sun with a tattered, but much loved, book are things that ebooks can’t compete with.

So rather than going online to buy a book, I went to my local Chapters yesterday and spent a couple hours playing what I call “Read Page 99” (I got the idea from where I judge a book by its cover or title and without reading the summary, I read page 99 and decide if I would read the book or not. Then I can read the summary. And by a couple of hours, I mean almost three hours. I drank two venti mocha frappacinos with two pumps of peppermint and two shots of espresso in each. With extra whipped cream. I was seriously wired. I also had to take two bathroom breaks. It was great fun and annoyed the hell out the the Chapters employees because they had to keep checking up on me to make sure I wasn’t doing anything indecent like the one guy who walked up an aisle I was in and farted every step he took.

By the time I got bored of reading page 99 of 99 squillion books, I’d picked out 15 potential books that I wanted to take home and read. Which is maybe kind of expensive. So I wrote them all down and went and chose a Deadpool graphic novel. Comic book? Graphic novel? I’m not sure what people call them, but it’s a Deadpool something.

uploads_6946f667-0b71-4a07-ba36-ac3b9910c011-comics-deadpool_00336043Now, I normally would have chosen some smutty romance novel or a twisted true crime novel, but I wanted something different. I wanted something funny. Or I wanted that book where the narrator is a dog. Or maybe that graphic novel this guy made about his time in high school with  Jeffrey Dahmer. Anyway, I wanted something different. So I wound up in the graphic novel section of chapters looking at their selection of…whatever it is they had in their graphic novel section. Most of it looked awful. Seriously, I skimmed through a few of them and sadly these books wouldn’t even make good paper to use to start fires. But I kept looking because I’ve seen enough samples of this sort of thing online that it looked interesting. Eventually I found a stack of books starring Deadpool and they actually looked like they were worth reading.  

So now I have a Deadpool graphic novel. Comic book? Whatever. It’s my first of that particular genre. Well my first besides some of the stuff that I’ve seen in my random clickings around the internet. And now tummy hurts from laughing. I can also say that I would never willingly read a graphic novel as an ebook. It would suck and I would probably miss a lot of details in the illustrations. I love ebooks, but they’ll always be second in my heart to the real deal.

Anyawy! If you’re into dark humor and like graphic novels (comic books?) I definitely recommend you pick up something starring Deadpool. Or the graphic novel “My Friend Dahmer”. That one just looks like it would be an amazing read.


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