The Last 100 Pages




One of my worst habits is having to finish a book, no matter what, when I get to the last 100 pages. That’s when everything gets exciting! That’s also when my eyes start to hurt because I’m so tired and need to sleep. Except I’m almost done the book so I might as well just finish it so I can do other stuff tomorrow instead of reading the last 100 pages of my book. I’ve already been hooked on the book and it’s like I’m an addict. I need just one more page. Just. One. More. Page.

I don’t know about you, but this is what happens to me:

100 pages left: It’s 2 am and I have to be up at 8 am for work, BUT OH MY GOSH! I CAN I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT IS HAPPENING! I only have 100 pages left in this book. I’m a fast reader. I can finish the book in under an hour and still get five hours of sleep. I’ve survived on less sleep. Yeah, let’s let finish the book.

80 pages left: It’s now 2:15am, give or take a few minutes. Everything is so exciting! My heart is racing! I need to see what happens next. Except I just want to close my eyes for a few minutes then I’ll finish the book. No! Stay awake and finish the book! The main character is about to do something amazing!

60 pages left: Everything is a whirlwind! I’m gobbling the words up. It’s maybe 2:30am. I’m definitely finishing the book. My eyes are so tired that I’ve had to put my glasses on so that the words will stop dancing around like the drunk ballerinas.

40 pages left: AHHHH!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING! I TOTALLY DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING! I LOVE THIS BOOK! Uh oh, it’s almost 3am. Focus. Must. Finish. The. Book.

20 pages left: OMG! OMG! OMG! I can’t think! I’m so tired, but this book is so good!

The Last Page: Frick. Now what am I going to read? I’m not tired at all. HEEEELLLLLOOOO, second wind. Oh damn. It’s almost 3:30am and I have to be up at 8am! Ok! Ok! Sleep. Sleeeeeeep. What a good book! Let’s think about it for ten minutes first and plan out everything I’m going to say about the book to people in the morning. If I’m asleep by 4 I’ll totally be able to function in the morning.

Morning alarm goes off: Blaaaaahhhhh! I hate the world! Why me? I need just 15 more minutes. Yeah. I won’t do my hair or make up today. Messy bun and yoga pants for all! Zzzzzzzzz. 



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