My Favourite Joke


This is day 2 and I immediately regret trying to do this “make a post every day” idea. However, I’m still going to stick with it. It’s good to be challenged and so on and so forth. So I’m going to tell you my favourite joke and most used coping mechanism for when I get angry or frustrated. Well, it’s the most used coping mechanism when I remember to use it. Lot of times I forget to try and not be a spoiled brat and ride the anger until I’m ready for a nap. Except, there are times where I do remember to try and “deal with it”, so I tell myself this joke:

You: Knock knock!
Them: Who’s there?
You: Europe.
Them: Europe who?
You: No! You’re a poo!

It’s just like counting to ten, but at least it’s giggle worthy.

What’s your coping mechanism for when you’re about to have a bitch fit all over someone’s face?


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