Sometimes I need to get out of the house…


Sometimes I really need to get out of my house. I try and get stuff done while I’m at home, but that never happens. That stuff is usually homework for school. And by “usually”, I mean “always” because I’m a a procrastinator.  I say that it’s going to happen, but I’m lying to myself. I start off really motivated to get shit done and then…it just never gets done. So I just have to leave. I need to pack up my laptop and study materials and go find a new place to sit and work. Usually that place is my favourite Starbucks where I can people watch, drink my favourite caffeine enhanced beverages, and actually get some work done. Don’t get me wrong, I love my place, but…

When I’m at home: My bed looks so inviting and lovely to sleep in. Maybe I’ll just nap for 15 minutes…
When I’m at Starbucks: ESPRESSO! I NEVER WANT TO SLEEP AGAIN! My fingers are flying across my keyboard a squillion clicks per minute and my mind is ZIP ZIP ZIPPING!

starbucks-iced-espressoWhen I’m at home: I suddenly start craving the most complicated foods that I can think of making. Like a cheese omlette. Or grilled cheese sammiches and soup.
When I’m at Starbucks: ESPRESSO! I NEVER WANT TO EAT AGAIN! ALL I NEED IS IN ESPRESSO! In between frantic thoughts and even more frantic typing, I shoot back mouthfuls of my chosen drink that is jam packed with ESPRESSO!

When I’m at home: I go pee every 20 minutes even if I don’t have to go and take 15 minute naps while I’m on the can because…well, because it’s better than doing my homework.

When I’m at home: Is that dirt on my floor? Why is my room suddenly clean and why has 5 hours suddenly gone by?
When I’m at Starbucks: ESPRESSO! I don’t need to do anything but drink espresso and type wildly! And twitch. Why is my eyelid twitching?

When I’m at home: Clearly I am getting nothing done. I should just get a good nights sleep and start again tomorrow in the morning.
When I’m at Starbucks: ESPRESSO! I NEVER NEED TO SLEEP AGAIN! I could do this all night, but seriously I need to pee. And seriously, what is up with all these weird twitches I’m getting everywhere?

Sure I got a little crazy when I’m at Starbucks, but my word count is at 1278/1000 words, so all I have to do is spend the night editing this paper down and making it sound coherent and pretty and try to ignore the weird twitchy thing that my right eyelid is doing. And keep drinking Red Bull to avoid crashing off the weird amount of espresso that I knocked back while I was out doing my homework.

Upside: I’m more done than I was before.
Downside: If I jump too hard on my bed I slam my head off my ceiling.

I also do believe that in the end, I have hammered this paper out. Now I just need to refine it and make it pretty like the finest of stolen Orc treasure.


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