The Magic Seafood Bus


I am so excited. Since I started blogging, I have wanted to blog about this one thing. Just one thing. And I have been aching to write about this one thing for so long, that I have completely forgotten everything that I’ve wanted to write about it. Except that I think this particular thing is a majestic beach and I scream in excitement every time I see it.

So, ummm…check out the Magic Seafood Bus, as I call it.


It’s basically a school bus that’s been converted into a moving seafood store. I’ve never been on the inside because seafood, and the smell of the seafood, makes me sick and want to paint the walls a lovely shade of vomit. However, I’ve been told that the inside is full of freezers full of seafood, seafood, and more seafood.

None of my friends in Vancouver believe me that this magical bus exists. I don’t like food from the water, but this thing is just so darn majestic that every time I see it, I get stupidly excited and do a happy dance in my seat as we drive by it. I’ve been telling my friends in the city about this bus forever, but I always get so excited seeing it, that I forget to take a picture. Naturally the think I’m on drugs and tell me to lay off of them for a little bit because my small town can’t be so cool as to have a school bus full of seafood. They don’t say that last part, but I totally bet they think it.

Until this week. My mom, a co-worker, and I were driving back from a neighboring town when I saw it. I saw that majestic beast of a bus and I screamed at my mom to stop. I scared the poops out of her, but she stopped all the same and I was able to get a picture of the Magic Seafood Bus.

I hate seafood. I should find the idea of a moveable seafood store disgusting, but I love it. I love seeing this bus cruising around and selling gross fishy products out of it. I have never in my life been so delighted by something that I think is so disgusting.

Also: I finally took the leap! I’ve joined Twitter. Follow me at rbowser15 to see my literal everyday tangents.


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