I’m Moving!


That’s right! I’m moving! Not quite yet, since there is still some work to be done, but soon I’ll be moving this blog over to http://www.everydaytangents.com. I’m not sure when that will happen, but I’m working on it. The focus of this here lovely blog will shift from me practicing the craft of writing for an audience, to maintaining a consistent blog for an audience with a little more focus on driving traffic to said blog. I think I’ll try and post something every Tuesday at the very least. I think a lovely weekly blog would be something that I could happily promote.

In the meantime, school is kicking my butt. Well, just one class. I’m taking British Literature: The Restoration – World War I. I kind of want to punch my professor in the clavicle. Or in the throat. In that general area. I sit through entire three hour lectures with him simply fantasizing about bringing serious harm to his person because he’s a total douche canoe. He’s rude, doesn’t teach very well, and keeps switching between a British and New York accent so much that I try to stab him in the eye…but only in my head, because eye stabbings are illegal.

Also: I am sorry this isn’t a real post. I promise to come back and write about something real within the next few days.


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