Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Cook Unsupervised…


This is the cartoon version of me on one of my not so good nights of cooking unsupervised. Seriously, I should be supervised when in the kitchen.

So over the last year or so, I’ve been teaching myself how to cook. There have been some fricking awesome successes, while at the same time there have been some pretty horrible fails. For the most part, I never really know what happens, but sometimes stuff just turns out great. Or it turns out bad. Or sometimes it catches on fire.

I have a wonderful knack for setting pancakes on fire as I’ve done this twice within the last two months and it has led me to making microwave french toast. I can handle microwave french toast. You butter a bowl, toss in some cubed bread, pour an egg, milk, and cinnamon mixture over it, and then you microwave it until the egg is cooked. It takes me like 5 minuets to make. And for the last 30 seconds that I’m nuking my french toast, I stick a little mixing bowl of like four table spoons of peanut butter in there too so I can drizzle peanut butter all over it.

I’ve also set pizza on fire numerous times.

I feel like I need to start a cook book where I keep track of the stuff that turned out well and the stuff that was not so good and the stuff that caught on fire.

…Sadly that list of things that I’ve set on fire grows as I try to experiment with food and teach myself to cook.


One thought on “Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Cook Unsupervised…

  1. Want to say youtube is your friend, google Good Eats as AB has taught me 80% or more of what i cook.

    Anyway, if it is worth doing it is worth fucking up a few times until you get it right!

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