Look, mom!


Growing up on a rural reserve meant a few things happened here that probably wouldn’t happen in the city. These things included:

  • Getting a pellet from a pellet gun in my dinner one night because my younger sister was shooting birds off a deer we had hanging in the back yard and she missed once
  • Kittens getting stolen by birds of prey
  • Running water down a hill to create a mud slide to play in
  • The power being out for a period longer than a few hours

li-620-power-outage-cp02887Unfortunately when the power goes out during the night and remains out well into the next day while you and your sister are playing in a slow pitch tournament, you get a little stinky. And sweaty. And dirty and just a little bit all around gross from running around in the dirt while covered in a fine layer of sweat. Mostly though…I worried about the stink. I was fine with being a dirty mess, but at some point my deodorant decided that it was working too hard and quit on me. Seriously, people, even though I am a stickler for putting on deodorant 2-3 times a day and more when I’m playing sports, my smell simply overpowered all the awesomeness that the commercials claim their deodorant to have and spanked my Old Spice Sport into submission.

Then after the abuse it stopped working and I was left smelling like a bag of old gym shoes and musky towels. Sadly I am not one of those girls who never sweats. I am one of those girls who pours rivers of sweat and that sweat never smells good.

With no way of getting clean because the power was off, my sister and I were left to feel dirty and I was left with cartoon stink lines emanating off my body.

Then we remembered that I had my driver’s license and could drive to a nearby lake to get clean!

With that thought, we packed up clean clothes, towels, shampoo, soap and other bathing in a lake paraphernalia, hopped into my 92 Saturn SCI and drove to the lake to get clean.  When we got to the lake we found that there was a family there enjoying the hot weather and sun so Tiff and I waded over to a broken old dock that had previously been a really good dock that my dad and I had made a few years before that. Now, let me tell you! Nothing feels better than rubbing the stink off of your body after you’ve had to sit and literally smell your own brand of stale body odour and dried sweat for the last few hours. The moment I was fully under water and came up for air was one of pure bliss. I felt most of the smell wash away and I was refreshed.

Mostly I was just happy for my first breath of clean air in a number of hours.

Then as I washed my hair and body I just felt better and better while totally and deliberately ignoring the fact that I was washing my dirt, grime and smell down the creek that fed out of the lake. I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed until I felt clean while my sister did the same. Never mind that there was a family with two young children who got to see us bathe…which was a weird experience. I’d never really had anyone watch me clean myself so thoroughly before.

After we were done getting the 7 Layers of Heaven for a dirt worm off of us, Tiff and I hopped up onto the dock to air dry a little bit and that’s when we finally paid attention to family that was sharing that area of the lake with us. Typical family with a mom, a dad, an older child, and a very excited younger child. The type of younger child who shamelessly shouts every single word as we’d been hearing during our bathing process. The type of younger child that would get very excited and shout in glee and proclaim to his mother…


I nearly peed myself laughing. I personally thought it was cute because my sister and I are First Nations (Native American except we’re Canadian) and are definitely western. So what he shouted was accurate.

Also: the mom looked mortified and I couldn’t help but chuckle at her trying to shush her son’s excitement over seeing me and my sister stand around on our broken down old dock. I was ok with that. We were fabulous and we were clean.


One thought on “Look, mom!

  1. Also a country kid myself. Although as a person with a broken smeller i have to have people let me know when i am stinky, not from lack of showering but from the wife’s animals.

    I once wore a undershirt that one of the cats had pissed on and all day and people were like “man you stink today.” All i could say was i showered and whatnot.

    That was a long day and i could have used a lake…

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