The Stuff Sisters Say


My dominant form of communication with my sister are the hundreds of text messages that we send to one another on a monthly basis. I live in the grand old city of Burnaby, BC and she lives a four/five hour drive away from me in Kamloops, BC. She has a funky work schedule and I have an odd school time table, so it’s tough to squeeze in actual conversations. I can’t say that this bothers me though. Texting means that I can talk to her all day if I really want to. Plus us texting back and forth means that in the middle of the day when I’m doing stuff, I can look at my phone and have a little giggle to myself at the shit my sister says.

Like one day I was particularly bored and browsing Reddit and I happened to come across this picture:

And I couldn’t help but giggle. You see, when my sister and I were younger and little, and when we decided not to get along, our parents would make us hold hands. Seriously, we would have to sit on the couch and hold hands until we decided to love each other again. One time, we were left on the couch holding hands that we actually fell asleep that way. For some reason I remember sleeping along the top of the sofa while my sister was passed out on the actual couch…and we were still holding hands while we slept. It might not have happened that way, but I DO remember falling asleep holding hands. We got along pretty good after that too.

Now seeing this picture, I’m glad all that we had to do was hold hands. My sister agrees. See?



Reading this makes me smile every time. Hence why I took a screen shot of it and why I’m blogging about it. My sister is one of the few people who has a similar stream of thought like I do and gets what I’m thinking. Plus I can talk to her about anything. And I can say things like “my butt cheese is particularly fragrant today” and she won’t be offended and she won’t give me that “THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY?” look that my mom gave me when I said that to her while we played dice the other day. This is just the sort of stuff that me and my sister say and it’s perfectly ok, because at one point in our lives, we were forced to hold hands to get along and now we’re just really connected. And usually get along because it sucks having to sit still and hold hands with your sister who might or might not fart just for the heck of it.

She’s a bag and does that sometimes just so she can giggle about it. Or that might be me. You never know.


One thought on “The Stuff Sisters Say

  1. I am not jealous per say, more perplexed. I am not close with any of my family. But there are moments that i wish i was closer. And then they show up and i want to put their heads on sticks.

    Good times. 🙂

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