Someone pooped in a sink!


huskygasMy mom and I were coming home from a night of Christmas shopping the other night and we stopped at our local Husky Gas Station to fuel up before going home. While she fueled up, I jumped out of the truck and washed the windshield and headlights. We went into pay and I grabbed a bottle of water and we got into line to pay. While we were waiting in line, this guy was in front of us talking to the cashier lady in a kind of hushed tone. I figured that he was hitting on her.

He wasn’t.

Nope nope nope. He sure was not hitting on her. Instead he was telling her that someone had taken a poop in one of the men’s washroom sinks! SOMEONE POOPED IN THE SINK!! Now, this is something that I could never make up because well…I have a really perverse mind, but it never wanders onto the thought “I should poop in a sink” or “I wonder if people poop in sinks.” Up until this night, it has never crossed my mind that someone could do this in a public washroom, let alone actually do it! So at first I was really grossed out by this thought…but then I got kind of enthusiastic at this idea because it was just so wrong on so many levels.

I mean if I were to personally perform this stunt of POOPING IN A PUBLIC WASHROOM SINK (which I would never do because I’m a nervous pooper) I would have to plan it out pretty good. I mean, at the very least I would need the forethought to have some toilet paper at the ready to wipe. And I would need at least a minuet to whip my pants down, hop up on the sink and position myself carefully. I mean, I would want it all to go in the sink, but I wouldn’t want the faucet jabbing me in the back the entire time. Then I would need another minuet to squeeze out whatever poop I happened to be ready to take and wipe. After that I’d need a couple minuets to wash my hands because hygiene is important to me.

But I seriously doubt whoever pooped in the sink at the Husky had the same thoughts as me. It was probably just a spontaneous act of “GROSS DUDE! WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” I don’t see people planning out things like pooping in sinks in public washrooms where someone has to clean up after you. And if they did plan this poop out, then I’m really curious about what the heck is wrong with them because they wasted all of their obvious devious mind things on “I think I’m going to poop in a sink”.

Seriously, what sick reaches of a persons mind does that thought have to come from?

I consider myself a fairly odd individual, but I have never in my life considered pooping in a sink. And even after hearing about this random act of fecal frivolities I still don’t think I’d ever seriously wake up and think “Today….today I shall poop in a sink.” Would you?


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