The guy that almost lost his kid in the mall



This story literally takes place over the space of about thirty seconds and has a happy ending.

You see, my mom and I were in Metrotown in Burnaby, BC. It was hella busy and full of lots of people doing their Christmas shopping. Mom and I were all over the place so we stopped to get some frozen yogurt. We found a place to sit and were enjoying our snack when I saw this Asian dude walking with a kid running behind him that he wasn’t watching.

Actually the mall was full of kids running all over the fricken place and their parents weren’t paying any attention to them. Like these two toddlers that were playing at the top of an escalator without an apparent parent near. Oh and there was this little girl running behind this Asian guy who I’m guessing was her dad.

She was running behind him when I pointed her out to my mom. She ran up and stood behind her dad. It was then he noticed he didn’t have a child with him. So he turned around and she moved to stay behind him. Every time he moved she stayed right behind him. He kept moving and looking and he kept looking for the little duck he’d seemingly lost.

It wasn’t until an Asian woman who I’m assuming was the kids mom came up to him. They interacted a minuet and the little girl continued hiding. Finally the lady pointed behind the guy and he turned a bit. The girl moved. He looked back at the lady and she pointed behind him again. Finally he turned quick enough to see the girl. Boy was he happy to see her.

Then mom and I burst out laughing because this little girl had pulled off a perfect, only seen cartoons, manoeuvre.

See? Happy ending. The silly guy not watching his child got to keep his kid and mom and I had a good laugh. But seriously, it took less than thirty seconds for this guy to lose his kid. Though, I’m pretty happy this good ball didn’t keep an eye on his kid because I got a good laugh and memory with my mom.


One thought on “The guy that almost lost his kid in the mall

  1. As a father i wish most of the time my kid could do this. Be out of sight 95% of the time but be ready and able to go-for at a moments notice. All he does now is lay in his room and “watch (gaming) videos on youtube”!

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