And then I tried something new


So I’ve been trying to find a job these past few months. All the conventional ways of doing things haven’t been working for me because I lack field experience in my chosen major and well for every 10 resumes I sent out, maybe one would get back to me for an interview. And then that interview would be ok, but not great and I wouldn’t get the job. Apparently 2 years at a burger joint and summers spent working back home don’t count for diddly squat. So with the failure or normal means, I decided to try something new. I decided to try and really stand out and be exactly who I am. And I got a little weird.

Dear Potential Boss,

I’m a potential hostess.

For you to hire now.

And all haiku’s aside, I think that you should consider hiring me. Why? Because I am Rogue and I’m not afraid to sweat because I practice proper hygiene and use deodorant daily so you can make me sweat all you like and I literally won’t make a stink about it. I am Rogue because I refuse to replace “you” with “u” when I send text messages. I am Rogue because I love to laugh so hard that I snort. Mostly though, I think you should consider hiring me because what I lack in experience, I make up for with enthusiasm and I smile when I meet new people because I’m genuinely happy to meet them.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


Yup. That’s a cover letter I sent into a restaurant that I was applying to. I totally have an interview tomorrow at 3pm.


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