What Turns Me On and Getting Hot Chocolate


This morning, even before my alarm clock went off, I woke up cold. As in my teeth were chattering and it hurt to move cold. It sucked. However, instead of moping in bed and trying to get warm, I made myself sit up, turn on my little heater and I got dressed in a pair of black sweats, a tank top and a pull over sweater that I stole from my dad and I walked down the street to my local bakery to get hot chocolate. The lady there is super nice and always gives me lots of whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles because she knows I’ve got a sweet tooth. Today though there was this slightly older than me couple in there too getting coffee and other stuff. They were probably in their thirties and looked like they belonged in some sort of fall time magazine with their rosy cheeks, cute knit scarves and jackets that probably kept them too warm.

I was waiting and drooling as the lady who works in the bakery was making my hot chocolate when the guy tapped me on my shoulder and got me to take my headphones out of my ears.

Guy: I’m sorry, but my wife and I are having an argument and I want you to prove her wrong. What’s your biggest turn on?

Me: *raises my left eye brow* My biggest turn on? Either a man who will build me bookshelves or a man with a Southern US accent calling me “darlin”.

Lady: That’s really specific! *looks at Guy* See!? I told you so!

The lady then proceeded to to a very spastic winning dance and I had to commend her on her crazy efforts to imitate an end zone dance of some sort.

What are your biggest turn ons?


2 thoughts on “What Turns Me On and Getting Hot Chocolate

  1. biggest turns ons….. Oral comments, sweet girl on girl on samius comments, the right time of the month for samius and tacos…..

    Sexy sex tacos with num num sause. Oh and Corn Beef, hashed or not.


    Corn Beef……

    Damn it, wood at work is not cool!

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