My High School Crush


All throughout high school I had a huge crush on pretty much the same guy. Sure I liked other guys…you know there was that muscle-ripped blond guy who was a jerk, but a nice jerk and had a pretty smile, there was the guy that looked like Kip Pardue when he was in Remember the Titans and that younger guy who I couldn’t like because I was 17 and he was barely 16. But for the most part I had this crush on this one guy for the whole of five years that I was in high school. He made me laugh, he made me smile, he was that guy that lent me his sweater when I was cold and he helped me get through some of the worst classes you could force a high school student to take.

Believe me, one of my high school teachers was a freaking nut job. Dude was a big guy with a white beard, wore thongs and was apparently a nudist. Oh and he would fill up a chalk board with notes for the math class I had to take with him, realize he made a mistake and then erase it all after I’d filled my page with notes. Yeah, thanks to my high school crush, I survived, passed the class and got to stay on the basketball team. But only because he was there to freak out about it with me and help me cheat my way to the end.

Except I was lucky enough that I basically had to interact with this guy almost every single freaking day of the school year. We both played basketball and volleyball. We were basically in all the same classes except for Shop because my grade 8 shop teacher ruined that particular class for me. This guy and I were actually friends back then and I didn’t do any of the freaky stuff that you see people do around their high school crushes. I mean, I don’t remember stuttering, Freudian slips or anything else embarrassing. And my friends never mention anything ridiculous, so I don’t think I’ve blocked anything from memory, so it was all good in the hood in high school.

In fact, I got so used to being around this guy that I was almost totally in love with, but being just friends that this carried over to my first semester of university. I can remember meeting this one guy who was a few years older than I was and how he walked me to my first day of classes. He was a bear of a guy and was about the sweetest guy I’d met to that day. Plus he was taller than me and had all of his teeth so cupid had spoken. I adored this guy, but was so used to being just a friend, that I treated this guy like just a friend despite the fact that I now obviously know he tried to be more.

Thanks to all my awesome training in high school, I didn’t do anything ridiculous around this guy either. I was always cool, composed and ready to have fun. We sometimes held hands and we did a lot of stuff alone together. He called me “his girl” and always knew when I was super stressed from classes and always knew how to make me laugh. This was the sort of guy that I thought I could bring home to my parents and was even planning on it until one day…

We were in a gym on campus and I was shooting hoops while he helped me brain figure out what “empirical study” meant. I was actually playing Me vs. Mo, a game my high school basketball coach sometimes had us play. If you make a shot, then you get a point. If you miss a shot, then Mo gets two points and I normally played to 10 and did a best out of 3 set where if I lost I did 10 sit ups for every shot that I’d missed. Well, in the middle of all of that, my first university crush got up and decided that we should play a game of one-on-one. The winner got a kiss from the loser and dinner too.

Well, that was my zone! All through high school I’d spend most of my lunch hours playing one-on-one with all sorts of different people. Mostly it was with my high school crush or another guy in my grade, but the point is that I was used to playing with guys. So we decided we’d play to 10 with possession after 3 and we’d call our own fouls. At first I was like, really? Call our own fouls? I never had to do that with {high school crush}.

And then I realized why…you see in high school when I played with the guys we’d always played a little rough. Nothing that would blatantly be a foul, but we didn’t pansy foot around. We’d bump, we’d push and we’d hit a little and that’s how I was used to playing so when this guy cried foul when I bumped him with my chest when he tried to drive on me, I knew something was up. Then I stole the ball because he didn’t dribble so well. Then he cried foul again when I bumped into him driving to the net. Then he bounced the ball off his foot and lost possession because he said he wasn’t used to anyone playing so much defense. Then he said I played too rough when I boxed him out so I could rebound a shot. Then I won the game 10-2 (after missing like 6 outside shots and numerous lay-ups)and all I could think was:

{High school crush} probably would have won that game. 

Needless to say, that it took a few months for me to stop comparing every guy to that one guy from my high school, but it kept me a virgin for 3 months and has always been a reminder to me that I should always look for a guy who can make me laugh. Has your high school crush influenced you beyond high school? How?


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