How Apple Trees Grow


The other day I was driving with my Nana on our old dirt road and I was totally loving how my life was a country song at that moment when Nana started talking about all of the apple trees growing.  Just picture me and my little Nana in my dad’s green Intrepid, with Starships by Nicki Minaj quietly playing in the background and the air conditioner on full. There we were, bumping over some train tracks while Nana pointed out where one apple tree after another was growing.

The only apple trees I remember in that area were the ones in my Great Grandma’s orchard. So I was a little confused about where the Hell all of these apple trees were suddenly popping up.

Me – I don’t remember these trees as a kid.
Nana – They just started popping up the last few years. The apples over there are just hard and sour.
Me – Really? Maybe the deer like them at least?
Nana – There’s another one growing just down the tracks.
Me – Seriously, where the heck are all these trees growing from? There’s a tree on our road at home too! How do they randomly pop up?
Nana – (As she’s giggling to herself) Don’t ya know? They grow from bears poop!

I just sat there blankly for a second wondering how apple trees grow from bear poop when it hit me…

Me – Ohhh! The seeds in the bears poop! Really, Nana?! Really?! From bears poop?
Nana – Yep. From bears poop.

We both sat there giggling and I thought it was awesome to know how apple trees come to randomly grow all over the place. Out of their butts and into our mouths, look out orchard people and let the bear show you hows!


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