Another first



Today was another first for me. Not only that but I was a lesson in patience that I don’t have. Seriously too! As I sat there making my first pine needle basket ever I was losing my mind. It took every silly thought in my head not to toss my little basket down and scream TO HELL WITH THIS! I was determinded to see my basket complete and say that I made my first ever pine needle basket. I started it and I was going to finish it.

One lady in the immersion course that I’m a part of said it was like a form of meditation while I thought it could be used as a future punishment. Obviously that woman is a better woman than I. Or she is at least a good person while I am an impatient one.

But you know what? I’m actually really proud of myself for this first accomplishment and plan to tackle this same challenge in a few weeks…except my next basket will look a little better. Hopefully.

If not then I know I wasn’t meant for basket making.

Which makes me giggle and remember a conversation I had with an elder once who was trying to teach me how to weave a cedar hat:

Elder – You have no patience or hands for this art!
Me – I have no patience for anything!
Elder – What would your ancestors say if they could see you now? One of their grandchildren so impatient and crazy.
Me – If they’re my ancestors, they probably saw this coming.

The elder laughed and said I had a good point. Though to be honest cedar weaving isn’t one of my peoples traditional things so I wasn’t putting a lot of effort into it. That and I’m sure my ancestors would have loved me just as I am.

Crazy basket making and all. 


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