A Life Skill


When I was in high school I had to take Shop 08 as a requirement in my grade 8 year. It sucked. The teacher hated me because he didn’t like my older cousin and I’m sure he had every right to feel that way about my cousin, but not about me. It sucked having the wrong last name when I was in that class. However, after having homeroom with Mr. B and being force to take Shop with him, anything my cousin did to piss him off, he deserved. I also think who ever hired the guy should be shot. Who hires a SHOP TEACHER who says he lost his finger in a SHOP ACCIDENT?

I spent most of my time napping in the paint room because said shop teacher had almost cut my fingers off while I was using the band saw or ban saw or whatever it’s called to work on one of my projects and then yelled at me for being stupid. I WASN’T THE MORON THAT ALMOST KNOCKED A STUDENTS HAND INTO A RUNNING SAW. I was pretty sure then as I’m still sure now that he was jealous of my fingers.

The entire term I had to spend in this guys class sucked besides the naps I took in the paint room. But seriously, who hides in a room meant for painting? The girl that hates her shop teacher that’s who. I learned absolutely nothing because I wasn’t allowed to use any machinery after that and barely passed the class. And the only reason why I passed was because I made a lovely engraving on a scrap piece of wood and had one of the guys in my class make me a ring to hand in.

With that said, Shop was a really useless class for me that could have been easily replaced by. Something. The other week when dad and I got a flat tire on our way back from fishing on some lake on some backroad, I definitely wished that I knew how to change a tire so that I could have been a little helpful to my dad. Except I napped in a paint room instead of learning useful things like changing tires. Not that it would have been much use to me since finding the jack took us forever and changing tires on trucks these days is an epic adventure in and of itself.

But still, it would have been nice to know the basics of tire changing!

What about you? Did you have a class in school that you wish had been replaced with a useful life skill?


2 thoughts on “A Life Skill

  1. I can’t think of any – never had to take shop. The generic PE courses were pretty useless, as the teacher usually concentrated on the sport they coached, which I was usually bad at. 2 years of that until I got the tennis coach, so I switched to his ‘specific’ class and that was slightly more tolerable.

    I would never think of my ceramics classes as useless, since they were fun (we were given a loose rein on what we could craft).

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