The First Time


Have you ever done something for the first time and realized that what you just did is something you totally should have wanted to do because it was just that awesome? For me the first time a moment like this happened to me was when I was on a ferry to Victoria, BC to visit my Aunt and younger cousin. That was when I saw a killer whale up close and personal for the first time. I mean, like many kids before me I’d seen killer whales in the Free Willy movies, but I’d actually never really seen one. And it was freaking amazing. I was in total awe the entire time when I saw a pod of these gorgeous creatures swimming alongside my ferry. But had I never seen the whales in my entire life, I never ever would have said to myself, “I want to see killer whales for real reals.”

I’ve always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower.

I plan to travel to the Vatican someday.

I went to Mexico because I wanted to see the cenotes.

There are lots of things that I want to do. Want to see. And plan on seeing and doing, but there are probably twice as many life experiences that are just as amazing that I haven’t thought of.

Like seeing my first turtles! Up until this past week I’d never seen any turtles that I can recall.

I named him Mort for the brief period of time that I had him.

Then on Wednesday when my supervisors, co-workers and I were driving up Dunn Lake Road and past the Frog Pond, I saw turtles! Just seeing turtles for real reals was pretty awesome since I’ve only ever seen them in pictures, on TV or in movies. Naturally I wanted to get out of the truck and try to catch one…or at least get close to one. Because I’m curious like that. I have a friend who lives in Louisiana who tells me about how he and his brothers go out catching turtles and frogs to eat. THEY MAKE TURTLE SOUP! As in, they catch and kill the turtles and cook them in their shells. Though according to him, that rarely ever happens and they mostly just catch hundreds of frogs. So I wanted to see what my friend claims is a delicacy in his world. Ya know…to figure out if I ever wanted to put turtle on my future menus.

And that’s why PETA will someday kill me.

However, shortly after seeing my first turtles, we were driving along some back roads when my co-worker calmly said “Oh look a turtle.”

My supervisor that was driving ask/shouted, “Where?!”

In a deadpan voice my CW replied “Under the truck now.”

Immediately breaks were slammed on and I sat waiting to jump out of the truck to catch me a turtle. As soon as the truck stopped, I was stumbling out of the truck and I don’t remember what I said because I was just so darn excited about catching this turtle that I went running after it as quick as I could tumble and fall away from the truck and after it. And damn, could that turtle move! I vaguely remember thinking these things were supposed to be slow while I ran after it and my older cousin (she’s all of three days my senior) shouted warnings at me.

“Be careful!”

“Don’t let it bite you!”

“Grab it between the legs!”


I caught up to the turtle, asked if I could pick it up and wondered to myself, REALLY?! IT’S TOES?! Though I’m glad she warned me about it’s toes because they were topped off with these vicious claws that I never would have noticed if she hadn’t hollered about it’s toes. Serious, those things were sharp and I have a couple of small scratches on my left hand to prove it. Because that’s what happens when you don’t watch a turtles toes closely enough.

So yeah, I got scratched by a turtle for the very first time and I even thought that was pretty darn cool. I mean, I got to pick up and hold a turtle for the first time in my life so a couple owies were totally worth it. Again, this is why PETA will someday try to kill me. Or at least hunt me down and splash paint on me. Totally worth it though because that turtle was pretty fracking cool.

They wouldn’t let me bring the turtle back home even though I named him Mort and promised to give him a good life. So I wound up putting him back in the ditch beside the road so that we could go on our merry way, doing all the other things we were out to do that day even though they wouldn’t be as spectacular as catchin’ me some turtle good times.

Though once I was back in the truck and could think about the creature I’d just held in my hands I was able to decide that turtles would not be good eatin’.


One thought on “The First Time

  1. I felt that way the first time I saw the Princess Bride. All those years I could have been quoting from the movie, wasted. I will look forward though !
    I’m glad that your experience was even more memorable 🙂

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