Why I Buy Books


Why do I buy books? Sure there are a few books that I own as e-book and I love having lots of my favorite novels ready to read and always at my finger tips because they’re on my phone…but there are just so many amazing reasons why going to a book store should never die out. Here are my top 5 reasons why I’ll always buy books from the book stores:

5. Used books stores are some of the most magical places to visit – I remember when I was in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and I went into this second hand book store. And there were books stacked everywhere. There was a rolling ladder attached to a wall full of books. Books were stacked on the ground, on chairs and jammed into every available bit of shelf space that there was. It was freaking magical and I can say that because I was neither high nor drunk for this experience. And the best used book stores are like this. If these die out, I’m sure the world will die too.

4. My smutty romance novels should have all the steamy parts dog-eared – Not lying. I’m just saying. That’s how it should go.

3. I need something to do when the power goes out or I get stuck in the middle of no where – I can remember this horrifying Greyhound bus trip where we were stuck on this snowy highway for like and hour and a half because a storm had blown through and covered the highways in several feet of snow. But I was ok. Do you know why? Because not only did I have copious amounts of homework to keep me busy, but because I had a good book to read even though my mp3 player and phone were dead.

2. I can highlight, dog-ear and write in the columns of my book all I want – I’ve tried doing this with my eReader apps on my phone and iPod but it’s just freaking annoying. I should be able to curl up with a good and thought provoking book, highlighter and pens at the ready and be able to jot things down, mark pages up and dog ear entire chapters at my will…instead of fighting with my app so I can make a three word comment on a paragraph.

1. It’s better than buying drugs – I mean, I save a lot of money buying books electronically. Almost 50% on every book actually. So for every $10 book I buy online, I save $5. That adds up after a while. What would I do with that kind of money? It sounds like  a gateway habit for harder things like snorting Pixie Sticks and getting hopped up on pain killers. Or whatever it is kids my age do these days. I mean from what I can tell, everything is a gateway for harder stuff like shooting up crytalized Moon Shine. So world, YOU’RE WELCOME. I am one more person in this world doing their part to not do drugs. Sort of. Maybe. Whatever. The point is, I’d rather spend my money on books than anything else and that’s great.


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