When Life Gives You Lemons…


“You freeze them and use them as weapons.”
– A favorite quote I got from a book that a friend started to write.

“Shut up and eat your damn lemons.”

“You make lemonade.”

So that’s what I did. Well…not the weapons part or the shutting up and eating my damn lemons part. Shutting up isn’t fun. I did the part where you make lemonade! And I made the hell out of that lemonade, let me tell you! You see, over the past few weeks I’ve been mixing lemonade powder and iced tea powder together to make juice in my version of half lemonade/half iced tea. Then I squeeze some lemon into it, add ice and lemon slices and serve. And it’s been quite good.

I’ve loved the hell out of it anyway.

Except today I had this intense craving for lemonade. But the powder we get is really sweet and I wanted proper lemonade…so I looked up a recipe over here at Simply Recipes and I went for it.

Except I don’t own a juicer and I have a kitten who scratches my hands up so that both my hands look like I was attacked by..well, by a psychotic kitten I call Iron. And I squeezed lemons. I’ll pause here to let y’all wince in pain for me.

So after I made the sugar syrup (head 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar until sugar dissolves), I started sqeezing the lemons, quickly got sick of that since well…my hands are scratched up and I was putting citrus in the scratches. Not only does it hurt, but that’s just not sanitary. Even if it’s just me and my family drinking the stuff. I’ll pause and let you wince again either in pain or disgust, that’s your choice. Howevs, I’m a smart girl so I just peeled some lemons, tossed them in a blender and voila! I had lemon juice ready for the using.

Then it was a matter of mixing it all together, tossing in some ice and sipping away.

Not gonna lie, this would be a great recipe to add some vodka too and turn into an alcoholic slush…but instead I tossed in some frozen strawberries because I like how they taste as they thaw out in the lemonade. Also I don’t have any vodka. But mostly I like how the strawberries taste once they thaw in the juice.

I’m wondering if I can make a strawberry syrup and add that to my lemonade in the future?

Do you have any lemonade makin’ tricks?


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