To My Friends Who Are Mommies –


I just read an amazing post over at TRYING TO BE GOOD. It’s an open letter to all parents from a non-parent. And it’s one of those post that I wholeheartedly agree with and wish I’d thought of it first. Since I didn’t though, I’m going to write what it inspired me to write…

You’re in labour now, even as I type this

So I’m going to make you this promise:

When your son uses my favorite shirt as a spit up blanky

I promise to try and pretend I didn’t see.

When you are frazzled and at your wits end

I promise I won’t be the straw that made the camels back bend.

Just to make your smile

I promise to take care of your laundry pile.

Whenever your child is screaming like a nuclear alarm

I’ll pretend the ear plugs are just there to keep my ears warm.

Even though I’m terrified of poop in my hair

After he’s potty trained I promise to baby-sit every time you need me there.

This I promise you to the end

because you are my friend:

To never whine

when together we rarely ever dine.

To be as happy drinking tea

as we were taking Captain Morgan out to sea.

In advance I’m sorry for all the times

that my impatience climbs.

You’re a new mommy

and that makes you a super hero to me.


Because you are my friend, my confident and when I’ve been naughty…

I know that you’ll still help me hide the body.

I don’t understand what you’re going through

but I promise to still be there for you.

And when we go on trips to the barnyard

I promise not to act like a bastard.


Because when all is said and done

You and I?

We’re still gonna have fun.

Note: Even though this post is written directly to my friend who started labour today, this is still for all of my awesome mommy friends. You are all much better people than I.




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