And I Showed Up In My PJ’s


Ever have of those days when you wake up and something is just off? You don’t wake up like you normally do, the coffee tasted funny or you didn’t get to take your morning dump? I don’t drink coffee outside of the odd frappacino, but I have had those mornings where even though I’m out of bed, my brain isn’t waking my. I’ve walked into walls because my eyes were still closed when I got out of bed. I’ve had bad mornings because all the Mini Wheats were gone. I’ve had those mornings where something is particularly off and the rest of the day has suffered because I went to work without shaking that mood. In fact I have three times these mornings have happened!

1. When I was first working for Vera’s Burger Shack I went to work with my shorts on backwards and in my slippers – This was when they were letting me open the store on my own. I literally lived a five minuet walk away so I never woke up more than an hour before I had to go into work. This one morning I remember waking up and just not being able to wake up at all. I fell asleep in the shower. I dozed off while eating my Mini Wheats. I even stumbled to work half asleep. When I got to work I plugged in my mp3 player and blasted my music like I normally did and proceeded to open the store. At least I did until the gorgeous bread delivery guy asked “Are you really wearing Winnie The Pooh Slippers to work? That’s cute, girl.” I looked down and sure enough there were my Winnie The Pooh Slippers on my feet and no only that buy my shorts were on backwards…Oops. I stepped into the bathroom and changed my shorts the right way around, but I had to wait until my manager came in before I could go home and put on real clothes.

2. I packed gym clothes instead of work clothes – There was a brief 2 months of my life where I was a medical filing assistant, a Vera’s Burger Shack minion and a waitress for a now closed high end restaurant. Oh, and I was taking 4 courses at Simon Fraser University. I was trying to quit working at Vera’s and was searching for a job that would replace that income and as a result I wound up with 3 jobs. It was fun, but it got confusing. When I was in the clinic filing I was allowed to show up in sweats, flip flops and a tank top. Vera’s required me to wear a shirt and pants of some sort. The restaurant required me to wear a black tube top and black dress pants on weekdays and a white tube top, black capri pants and shoes with a closed toe and at least 2-inch heel on weekends. They preferred I show up an hour late with my make up flawlessly done rather than show up on time with a disheveled appearance. Well it was one of those days where my head just wasn’t in the right place. I did my make up before school because I had to leave after class to get to work and somewhere in the back of my mind I was planning to work out after work until I remembered I was closing and wouldn’t be done work until midnight. So I went to class then zipped off to work, proud of my make up and hair (I looked pretty damn cute), got to work and went to grab my carefully folded work clothes out of my bag and found a basketball shoe (Yes, just one!), shorts, sports bra and deodorant. I looked up with a panicked look on my face and my shift manager came over, looked in my bag and laughed his ass off. Then he drove me home to get my uniform and laughed at me the entire way. I mean really, just one shoe?

3. I showed up with drool on my face – It was one of those Mondays. I’d partied all weekend long, so this one was my fault, but my mojo was just way off. My body was exhausted, my brain was trying to die and I was kind of hungry. Oh and I had an 8am class that was killing me bit by bit on the inside. I don’t know what possessed me to take this class because after my first year of university, I’ve never taken a class that starts before 10am. Anyway, I was busing to school when I drifted off to sleep. I opened my eyes just as we were pulling up to my stop and ran into class. Everyone kept giggling in my direction and kind of staring as I passed them in the halls to my class. Then a few of my classmates gave me funny looks and I wondered what was wrong so I got up and went to the bathroom to make sure I didn’t have a booger or anything. And I didn’t have a booger, but I did have a huge line of dried spit streaked along my right cheek. Sexy right?



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