Throwing Spiders At My Dog


My dog, Moose is a 130lbs (or there abouts) Mastiff/Lab cross. He’s bitten me while play fighting with my dad (not hard, just a warning nip) and snuggles his family when they’re sick. He has his own blanket, his own couch and gets covered up with blankets when he’s cold. He’s fiercely protective of his house and family and is about the best dog that anyone can have. He’s also a big baby! Moose has never in his life spent a night outside except for the one morning where I put him outside at 3am to go pee and forgot him out there until morning. Oops.

He also happens to be terrified of spiders.One time a spider dropped down onto his butt and he went running over to mom with a wild eyed look of fear on his face while he rubbed up against her in his demand that she get it off him. He hates spiders such much that when he sees them crawling on the floor he goes out of his way to step on them and squish them. I’m totally for serial too! I’ve seen him stop, look at a spider across the room and then walk over and squish it.

Today I was out in the living room talking to my mom and dad with a spider dropped off the ceiling onto the pillow I was leaning on. I gasped and right away tried to flick it away from me. Unfortunately I happened to be facing my mom and Moose when this happened. Fortunately I missed because it tried to scurry off so I jumped up to run away from it while Moose jumped up to see what the big deal was…and saw the spider and immediately scooted away from where he was chilling out and bumming food off mom and dad.

I quickly squished the spider after that, but the damage was done.

Moose had seen the spider and knew that I had come very close to flicking the spider at him so he lay on the floor pouting before he went to cry to his daddy.

And dad being dad looked at Moo and said “Ohhhh noooooo! She being mean and throwing spiders at you? Come here, I’ll protect you.” So Moose went over and hugged his daddy and leaned on him for protection because he was just that scared. He also was glaring at me because he knew it was me who had almost thrown a spider at him. I tried to say I was sorry but he was having none of it. He just stayed by his daddy pouting and giving me dirty looks.

Or at least that’s what he did until I came out of the kitchen with pepperoni slices for him. Then he sort of forgave me, but Moose holds grudges so after getting his snack off me he turned his back and went to bum snacks off of other people. Hopefully he’ll forget about his grudge by tomorrow, if not…ok, I don’t know what I’ll do if my dog decides to hold a grudge that long against me.




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