6 Things I Think of When I’m Suffering Writers Block


It happens to everyone and I swear it’s happened to me more and more when I’m attempting to write a daily post, so here or the 6 things that I think of when I should be attempting to make my daily post:

  1. I have to go pee – In all seriousness, I will just go sit on the toilet and strike my best “Thinker’s” pose for a good 5 minuets just to avoid not having anything to write about.
  2. I should clean my room – I never do, but I normally make an attempt like reorganizing my books that leads to me reading a novel in under 6 hours in order to avoid writing.
  3. My hair needs to be straightened – I didn’t do this today, but I will often spend a good  hour straightening and styling my hair to avoid writing.
  4. Music! Makes the people, come together! Yeah! – Then I blast music and dance around my house for 10 minuets or more. Sometimes I will play my Zumba for the Wii game.
  5. I’m hungry – This is my worst habit ever. If I want to procrastinate on anything suddenly I get the urge to eat. I’m not hungry by any means, but cooking is a good timesuck, so I do it.
  6. I really should just sit down and write… – Then I settle in to write and spend hours writing stuff like proposals, bursaries and chapters to my novel rather than a post for here.

Then when all this thinking is said and done, I have 5 minuets until midnight and I realize with all of these things that I’ve thought of during the day while attempting to get my post done, I’ve made myself a daily blog post. What’s your favorite procrastination technique?


2 thoughts on “6 Things I Think of When I’m Suffering Writers Block

  1. Watching shows online, or trailers to movies on YouTube.
    Reading the news. I can spend an entire day just reading news articles.
    If I have a good book absolutely nothing gets done till I’ve finished reading it.

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