Falling Cows


This past week I’ve driven into Kamloops (The nearest city to where I live with my parents), four days in a row. And for four days in a row I’ve wound up giggling while driving through the same area. That means at least twice a day I was giggling my butt off as I thought about my mom and the crazy things she thinks of.

You see, one day we were driving into Kamloops and we drove past a set of cliffs that are along the high way and she asked, “What if a cow fell off the cliff?”

And then she started giggling.

I was convinced my mom had gone psycho because I thought it would suck if a cow fell off the cliff and it landed on somebody. So I said so, “Well it would suck if it landed on somebody. Image! You’re just driving along and then BAM! Cow in your windshield.

Then she started giggling even more and I wanted to pull over and switch drivers. My mother had clearly passed from being good-crazy into being take her drivers license away-crazy. Seriously, she couldn’t stop giggling. And my moms giggles are infectious too so to my horror I started giggling with her as I thought of cows falling on peoples windshields. I couldn’t help it: My moms laugh is always better than anything she’s laughing at. If she thinks it’s funny, then it’s funny because she’s just got one of those laughs. So I wound up giggling thinking about cows falling off cliffs and landing on some unsuspecting victims cars.

It also made me think of that scene from the movie Twister, where the cow was being whipped around by the tornado…

Anyway, the real reason why mom was giggling became clearer as she continued talking, “What do you think the other cows would do?”

I just looked at her weird and said, “I don’t know.”

At this point she had tears in her eyes as she laughed, “They would probably fall over the cliff too!”

I was flabbergastered. Are cows that dumb? So I asked, “Why because one cow jumped they’re all gonna jump?”

Mom started laughing even harder, “No. They would probably get curious, go and look and then fall off too!”

At that point I gave up asking about the falling cows. I was laughing too hard thinking about these lemming-cows falling off the cliff and landing on unsuspecting people. BAM! Cow in your face! And since then, mom has laughed just as hard every time we’ve driven past this spot and asked “What if a cow fell off a cliff?”

Do you have any parts of your day that continually make you giggle and are as funny the fourth time as they were the first time?


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