My Sister and Eating Hot Dogs for Me


My younger sister and I are close. She is fifteen months younger than me and we’ve spent much of our lives convincing people that we are fraternal twins – and having people believe us when we tell them so. It’s hard not to giggle when you see peoples eyes boggle out of their heads and they ask the inevitable “You’re sisters?!” Not only do they have a hard time believing we are sisters, but they have a hard time believing we are fraternal twins. Then after looking at our innocent and very convincing faces for a few minuets, they believe us. Naturally right away we tell them we’re joking and that we’re really a year a part, but it’s still a fun game to play.

And despite not being twins, we’re close and have always been about as close as sisters can get. We’re what Tiffy and I call “connected”. I can’t tell you the number of times my sister and I have made eye contact playing basketball and have done something crazy together without talking. I don’t know what it’s like for her, but on a basketball court I’m the most aware of my sister when she’s on the court with me. We’re those creepy kids who look at each other and start giggling for not apparent reason.

We also feel each others pain. The best example of this is on weekend when I was studying for my finals and I stressed myself out so badly that I made myself sick and got this really bad pain in my right side that wouldn’t go away no matter what I did. It got so bad that my boyfriend brought me to the hospital two days in a row to get it fixed. Though the first night I only went after I talked to my parents and they told me that I had to go. That’s when my mom walked into my sisters room and found her unable to sleep because she had a really bad pain in her side for no apparent reason. My sister didn’t find it funny, but my mom did because she knew that Tiff was in pain because of me. I also need to mention that at this time my sister and I were living about 400km apart and hadn’t spoken all week.

Another time my sister hurt her knee really bad and I fell over. The same knee she had hurt had collapsed randomly on me. My knee wouldn’t quit hurting for the rest of the night despite the fact that when I fell I had been standing still in the shower.

Because of this connection Tiff and I sometimes threaten each other…

Tiffany: “Yeah! Well, well I’ll bang my head off a wall so hard you’ll be concussed too!”
Me: “I’ll punch myself in the face so hard you’ll get a bleeding nose!”
Tiffany: “Nuh uh! If I hit my head hard enough you’ll pass out too and can’t do anything!”

Other times we think about using our connective-ness for better reasons…

Me: “I’m really craving chocolate milk.”
Tiffany: “Me too! I only have milk.”
Me: “I only have chocolate milk mix! You should drink your milk and I’ll drink my mix and maybe we’ll get chocolate milk.”
Tiffany: “Then jump all around to mix it up!”

Though the best thing my sister ever tried to use our connection for was the day that I was studying for finals on SFU campus. I had a really good spot because I had an electrical outlet and I didn’t want to give that up. However, I was out of snacks and I was really hungry…

Me: “I’m really hungry.”
Tiffany: “Me too. I’m going to have hot dogos.”
Me: “Oh! I want a hot dogo too!”
Tiffany: “Well maybe if I eat hot dogos for you, you won’t be hungry.”
Me: “Maybe!”
Tiffany: “How many do you want? I’m having three for me.”
Me: “I’ll have three too!”

Thusly, my baby sister made six hot dogs. Three for me and three for her…except that she was going to eat them all. You know, because that’s what sister do for each other. Eat weird amounts of food to try and fill the other up via sisterly connection. She didn’t finish them all, but the fact that she tried was damn awesome. Though now that I look back on that time, I’m really happy she didn’t eat all of the hot dogs because she always uses way too much mustard and too much mustard gives me a tummy ache.


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