Trying to Behave


So here I am, back home and living with my parents and I’m sitting in my room. I’m sitting in my room quietly wondering all of the places my mom would have put a the Zumba for Wii game that I bought last summer. My bed is covered in dog fur because our little dog, Betsy sleeps with me at night and her fur gets just about everywhere, but I’m ok with that. As long as she doesn’t have bedbugs, her and I are happy as cucumbers in a pie.

I mean, wouldn’t you be happy if someone thought that you were so yummy that you should be baked into a pie?

Anyway! I know the game has to be somewhere in the house because mom wouldn’t give games away without mentioning it. She also wouldn’t lend any games out without mentioning it. So that means somewhere in all of the painting that happened in my house, the Zumba game got stored somewhere and forgotten. It’s not with all the other games, which I think is weird because these are the sorts of things that stick together, but maybe Zumba got ostracized because I happen to play it a heck of a lot more than I play the chicken shooter game or the Wii Sports games. It’s hard to be popular I guess.

I’m still sitting here wondering where it could be.

At the same time, I’m refusing to look for it because I always make a huge mess when I look for things in our house and my mom always yells at me for it. Since I’ve only been home for two days I figure I should try and avoid pissing my mom off so I’m trying to think of where exactly the game could be so that I can try to limit the mess that I’m going to make.

And yes, there will be a mess. My mom has a good way of organizing and cleaning things so that if they’re ever taken out of the box she put them in, there’s no putting them back in. It sucks because it means that I leave little messes behind me as look for stuff EVEN THOUGH I TRY TO CLEAN UP AFTER MYSELF.

However, this entry became very pointless because my dad came home 10 minuets ago.

Dad: Hola!
Me: Hola papi! Como estas?
Dad: Whatjoo do?
Me: Looking for my Zumba game!
Dad: Oh. It’s in the basement. It got mixed up with the DVD’s when we cleaned.

Apparently my mom was wrong and it wasn’t in my sisters bedroom that I was about to terrorize. It’s a good thing dad came home when he did or I would have spent an hour in there making a mess to find a whole lot of not what I was looking for. Instead I got to go downstairs, look at our massive DVD collection with my dad and pull Zumba off the shelf where it was chilling in the Western/Action section of our DVD’s.

Oh and my dad and I totally don’t speak Spanish. When I was in high school and learning Spanish my dad would bug me about how he knew Spanish too and would yell HOLA! at me every not and again. Naturally because I’m a polite amateur Spanish speakerling, I would reply HOLA! back and ask “Como estas?” (How are you doing?) So now this is normally how we greet each other no matter where we are. It’s weirdly impressed a few of my friends who are all like YOU SPEAK ANOTHER LANGUAGE WITH YOUR FATHER?! *MIND BLOWN*

But I really don’t. We just say those two phrases to each other for funsies.

This is also the reason why my sister will sometimes say “Bon journey! Como estas muy bien gracias!” It’s the extent of her French and Spanish speaking skills and she used to say it all the time because it was funny.

Of course, having made an effort to learn Spanish I know a little bit more than they do. Besides the basic greeting I also know how to say, “Lo siento, senor! No comprende! No hablo Espanol” (I’m sorry sir! I don’t understand! I don’t speak Spanish!) It was my favorite phrase in Mexico when I was there for a week because saying that was easier than every other person on the street testing your Spanish speaking ability because they think it’s funny that you can’t really understand anything they say when they speak at their normal pace.

I’m going to end this post right here by saying that I found my Zumba game, but won’t play it because my dad is in the living room and I hate people watching me flail around like a moron unless I happen to be in a classroom full of  people flailing about just like me.


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