My Vocabulary


I decided to make a word cloud of the top 300 words I’ve used on my blog. I was actually very shocked to see that I’ve only said “fuck” once!

Like, totally! Oh wow! Like totally freak me out! Like so RIGHT ON! And I was all like...


4 thoughts on “My Vocabulary

    • 1) I went to
      2) I clicked create
      3) I entered my blog website where you can enter in websites
      4) I tinkered with the settings until I had it looking how I wanted
      5) It won’t let you right click so I took a screen shot and pasted into Paint
      6) I cut out the wordle part, opened up a new paint project and pasted in there
      7) I clicked save and voila! I had my wordle saved in a bigger format than the website lets you embed onto your site!

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