Fried Penut Butter and Banana Sammiches


One of my friends that I met back in my second year of university is a freak for friend peanut butter and banana sammiches. After learning that she was a practicing Catholic, an English major and loved the Backstreet Boys, I learned that one of her absolute favorite foods were fried peanut butter and banana sammiches. If given the choice of what we’re making for dinner/breakfast/snack, we’re probably making those in one variation or another. Now, over the years I’ve gotten used to them. We sometimes put strawberries in them, or roll them in cinnamon and powdered sugar or mix honey in with the peanut butter and sometimes we go a little crazy and dip them in chocolate sauce. They’re ok, but were never my first choice when figuring out “what should we make?”

Or at least they weren’t my first choice in “what should we make?” until my friend recently had me try a new variation to her favorite food. You see, she’s not the greatest cook and about 7 times out of 10 will burn her food. It won’t be so burnt that it’s inedible, but burnt enough that it’s…well, it’s burnt. The fact that I have to do the cooking between us really says something because my cooking skills aren’t the greatest either. Anyway, this time as I was digging the peanut butter out of her cupboard and she was slicing banana’s she said I should coat the sammiches in egg instead of using butter like we normally did.

Now let me tell you, these sammiches were Heaven on a plate. The difference between using butter and making them like you make a grilled cheese and using egg like you would on French Toast is pure peanut butter slathered up happiness. The first time I tried this my friend sat there watching me while I cut up my sammich and took a bite. It was this pure explosion of creamy good times on my tongue. There was the peanut butter that mixed perfectly with the banana. Then there was the French Toasty taste that rounded it off and melted the peanut butter and gave everything a toasty and tasty texture.

Now, if you’re ok with a zillion calories, a super rich snack that is more junk than health, this is what you should do:

  1. Take two pieces of bread and coat one side of each piece with the peanut butter of your choice and preheat a non stick pan – I’m Canadian so I like to use Kraft Smooth. I’ve found crunchy just doesn’t work well with this snack.
  2. Cut up a banana and place the slices on one side of the sammich – Use as many or as few banana slices as you like. I usually slice half a banana and put that on the sammich and eat the other half while I’m cooking. My friend on the other hand insists on having the whole banana sliced and stacked onto hers.
  3. Close up the bread slices so that you have a peanut butter and banana sammich – my friend makes me use this cutter thing that puts smiley onto the bread.
  4. Beat one egg with a bit of milk into a bowl or container (I once used a clean pot when all of my other options were dirty) and soak both sides of the sammich in the egg – Sometimes we like to add vanilla to the eggs or instead of milk we use that flavour coffee creamer that tastes like French Vanilla and other tasty shenanigans.
  5. Coat your pan in butter (Just in case it’s non-stick personality really is sticky) and cook your sammich like it was a piece of French Toast (You know, make both sides a nice golden brown colour) – It’s at this stage my friend stops helping and it’s all up to me not to burn our food. I like to experiment with different heats. Sometimes I turn the element up to max and quickly sear the outsides of the sammich to the right colour and other times I do it like normal people would do it at a medium heat. I’ve yet to have the patience to try and cook our food at a low heat.
  6. Serve and enjoy – Because my friend and I have sweet tooth’s we usually coat our sammiches in syrup, whipped cream, cinnamon, powdered sugar, chocolate sauce and anything else we can find that we think would go great with our food.

Alternatives: Since discovering this delicacy, we’ve tried a few alternatives that include putting sliced strawberries inside of the sammich with the banana’s, as well as other berries and cooked slices of ham. Though to be honest the best thing that we’ve done so far is cooked up a few slices of bacon and stuck those in the middle with the banana’s. If I thought this was a yummy food before, the time we did it with bacon had both my friend and I swooning and glorying in the thing that was bacon in a peanut butter and banana fried sammich.

Seriously, if you don’t mind the calories and the overall fatty content of this food, try it. It’s rich, tasty and super filling. I call it Heaven on a Plate…or in a bowl depending the last time I did the dishes.


Note: I absolutely refuse to use the word “sandwich” in any of it’s forms unless I happen to be writing academically or in a situation where using “sammich” or “sammiches” would be greatly frowned upon. In the instance of this blog, well, this is my blog so sammiches will therefore rule the day.”Sandwich” is just a weird word.



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