Go, Go…STOP!


One of the things I hate about this time of year (End of the semester, close to finals) is that my brain starts to break down. I have a hard time focusing on anything, especially writing. I feel like I’m playing “Go, Go, Stop” with myself as I try to write something before I eventually give up and let another day roll by. The saddest part of the whole writers block thing is the fact that I think and do some totally ridiculous things like…

1. Get addicted to games – Currently I am a freak for Draw Something on my iPod (Rachael1503 if you want to find me) and the Gnome Town game on Facebook. I’m also a freak for lawn gnomes. I’m terrified of midgets, but lawn gnomes I’m perfectly ok and totally in love with. I have two on my window sill named Noddy (he’s a bobble head gnome) and Pepino Fudge and continually heist and relocate gnomes as I find them. As a result my family now also has a gnome living outside of our front door back home. So it makes sense that I love cyber gnomes and all of their wonderful shenanigans. I also play Dungeons and Dragons Online, but that is nothing new, not like the fact that I’ve been noticing…

2. How people dress – Seriously, when did it become cool to dress like an old person? Yester-year’s Urkel is today’s hipster and that frightens me to a degree. I envision North American getting invaded and all we’ll have are skinny kids wearing their grandparents clothes snorting and shouting “DID I DO THAT?!” However, I guess that isn’t as bad as my recent hankering for…

3. South Park – Not only have I watched every episode from seasons 1-13 multiple times and can recite many episodes off by heart, but I just feel like watching nothing but South Park. It’s playing in the background right now as I write this. Maybe this is the cause for my inability to write? Poorly dressed youth and South Park? As I’m writing this, I’m starting to see a pattern. When I’m not reading a text book or some modernist piece of poetry, I’m doing mindless and brainless tasks that don’t encourage profound brain things. Though I’m not going to lie and will admit to the fact that I still love the Jennifer Lopez episode almost as much as I love the Ginger episode.

So maybe I should turn off the games, shut off the South Park, stop staring at the badly dressed hipsters of today and…write something?

I doubt that I will because learning about rocks, glaciers and rivers has pretty much snapped my poor brain and I’m again back to wondering why the heck I have to take a science course to graduate as an arts student. I may or may not blame the little girlies all over my city dressing like slutty old ladies on my brain snap. I just never would have been able to picture the words “skanky” and “grandma clothes” being combined to turn into what the born in the late 90’s generation happens to be wearing these days.

Grandma chic is just…too much for me to comprehend.


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