Day ?.10 – Waiting In Line


Currently I’m waiting in line with my mom to see The Hunger Games. We had to show up and hour early just to line up for the flipping movie. The last time that I did anything like this was for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. That was understandable simply because I had read the books and was a freak for the Harry Potter series. Me sitting on a dirty carpet waiting to see the Hunger Games is just a pain though. You see, my mom and sister normally don’t read the books to the movies we see. On the other hand I do and this overall makes me flip out because I get to see my imaginatory/ficticious characters come to life.

Granted most movied fail to live up to what goes on in my head but numerous persona’s live up there and that makes what happens in my head a tough game to beat.

So why am I in line to see a movie to a book I haven’t read?

Well I didn’t feel like seeing anything else and I love movie nights with my mom. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing a lot of things with my momma but I particularly love going to the movies with her. My reasons are as follows:

1. Time with my mom is time with my mom.
2. When she laughs, she really laughs which just makes the moment all the more funny.
3. I usually get a late night car ride out of the deal that I can nap through.
4. Movie popcorn is enjoyable.
5. It’s memories with my mom that I usually only have to share with my sister.
6. A good movie night leads to another good movie night when said movie comes out on DVD and we can watch it with dad.

So here I am…in line with Hunger Game fanatics and all I can thing about are two posters that my mom and I saw in the poster store. One was of Canadian seasons: winter and bugs; the other was one of Jesus with gothic lettering saying “you must be guilty of something.”

Guaranteed next time my mom kills a mosquito she’ll burst out laughing when she thinks of Canada’s two seasons. I will probably spend the whole summer laughing as I get covered in bug bites once again.

See? Memories with my mom. Movie night is a success before it even started.


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