Day 4.9 – Promiscuous Girl


One of the things that I love about me is the fact that I’m a raging slut and I love it. I live up to it and I own it. From the first time that I gave head, I knew that having fun while having sex or any sort o sexual act was for me. The first time I went down on a guy was both embarrassing because I was a 16 year old girl living in a small town and everyone found out about it and fun at the same time. I had no idea what I was doing but I loved the noises he made and even though I was reviewing French verbs in my head and pretending my mouth was an elevator most of the time, there was a part of me that loved what I was doing. I was bad at it and used too much teeth apparently, but it was fun! Then that fun grew exponentially after I moved away from home and the prying eyes of my small town and lost my virginity and discovered sex!

I’ve settled down into a few serious relationships, but in between my life has been a long line of partners that range from various one night stands to having two, three, four or (at one time), five orgasm partners at a time. Now with every partner that has come my way, I’ve always been honest with them. Not only that but I’ve tried to be honest with everyone in my life. My partners know that I’m just looking to have fun, my sister knows that I sleep around, my friends know that I like to have lots of sex, my mom knows that I’ve had multiple orgasm buddies and anyone who I’ve been in a serious one-on-one relationship with has known about my sexual shenanigans. I’ve also been honest with myself. I know that my actions come with repercussions and I know that I have to be careful not just with my physical health, but with my emotional and mental health as well. I know that everyone is not going to agree with my life choices and some may even look down on my life choices, but through it all I do my best to stay true to exactly who I am.

And I am a slut.

See the yucky layer?

Yes, there is more to me than simply loving sex, sex, sex and more sex. I’m quirky, fun loving and an extremely disorganized person. I’m a daughter, an athlete, a student and a sister. I’m all of those things in that Meredith Brooks song and so much more. There are lots of aspects of being me. I’m like parfait (or an onion depending on if you like Shrek or Donkey better) and there are many layers to who I am. Some of my layers are fun and tasty while some are that gross layer that I scoop out and trash to get to the next good layer. I don’t ignore the bad stuff, I deal with it in a suitable manner and then get back to my fun. Now I’m sure that everyone has a habit like this. You might be a type of cake or a 7 layer dip, but lets face facts: There are parts that you love, parts that you might throw away (like that yucky fart bean layer in the 7 layer dip) and parts that are good and so-so. There is more to you than simply being a heavy drinker, liking food a little too much, being gay, loving to read, having a great set of boobies or being  a good chef. Just like you have a yucky bean layer, I have lots of things going on with me too!

I think that as long as I stay honest about my love for sex, the fact that I’m promiscuous and my two favorite letters of the alphabet are ”e” and ”z” that there is nothing wrong with what I do. I mean, I still probably use a little bit too much teeth sometimes, but that’s my issue and my partner’s issue. I’m 100% disease free, I practice safe bedroom shenanigans and this is my personal life choice. I’m in full control what happens to and with my body and I fully know what I want, what I need and what I like. It’s how I choose to live my life.

Why should I be judged for being a promiscuous girl? I do my best not to judge people for their lifestyle choices. I try not to hurt anyone and I’m still a functioning member of society. Also: How many people out there are as honest with themselves as I have been in the space of this entry? All I do is have fun! I love finding out all the weird places my mind goes while I’m lost in the moment with an orgasm friend and I’m honest about it! Now that’s more than I can say about my nose picking habits…

4 thoughts on “Day 4.9 – Promiscuous Girl

  1. I was the same way when I was much younger after I divorced my husband who sucked in bed lol. I wanted to try everything. The word fantasy to me meant try it. Then I knew what I liked and didn’t much care for. I wasnt really a head giver, unless it was a girl. But it was awkward to me to be doing that. Group sex was a lot of fun but I realized eventually that I had better orgasms one on one because there was no confusion or distraction. I was obsessed wit hsex for many years. Unfortunately, now, it takes me forever to get myself off. Heres to having fun!!! Cheers!

    • I’ve actually come to realize that my fantasies these days are very mundane! Threesomes, group sex, sex in different places with different people has all boiled down to a few kinks and quirks and a love for intense and dominant partners. I’m ok with that because it’s all about having fun and that happens to be fun for me ❤

      • yeah I think after you have your fun with sex and then you find someone you want to settle down with, sex takes on a whole new intimacy and excitement with the emotional part attached. But then that is scary lol

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