Day 3.9 – Term Project


My biggest pet peeve is when I’m that person in a group project that is doing all the thinking and all of the work. I’m honestly ok with being the person who gets a portion of the project assigned to them and then I do my portion to the best of my ability and have no responsibility outside of that. Sadly, this semester I’m obviously the person who is going to have to do most of the work. Even more sadly is the fact that it’s a research project that involves research with results and I have to attempt to be scientific about the whole ordeal.

We’re going to be testing the salinity percentage of the Fraser River through one tide cycle.

The part that irritates me is the fact that I said I would email my partner the work that I’d done and she could correct it and finish her portion. I had everything typed out and I emailed it to her last Wednesday, but the way she wrote her email down her “r” looked like a “v” so obviously she didn’t get the email. However, instead of emailing me or texting me when she didn’t get an email when she should have she waited until almost 9pm last night to text me and ask me if I had researched the tide times for our project. Yes, I knew the answer to her question, but I just didn’t care about answering her at that particular moment in time. I eventually got back to her and she wanted to know what I had done and why I didn’t email her.

But really? It just ticked me off that she waited until the night before our draft proposal was due to wonder why I didn’t email her. I actually would have been ok with it if she had texted me earlier on in the day when I was working on the next part of our project, but she waited until the day was more or less over for normal people to text me.

I had our draft proposal done, not only that but I had it typed out, ready to hand in and went to school early today to get it approved by our Teacher Assistant so that I knew that I did it correctly. She walked in barely on time for class and then wanted to check my work. Yes, in this case my ego got in the way of things and will continue to get in the way of things, but I hate working with people. What’s more is I hate working with people who don’t seem to give a flip about the work that needs doing until the last minuet and force me to work around their schedules.

My ego and self-centered self really hate group projects. They really bring out the worst in me and I think the worst has yet to come since I have the feeling I’m going to be sitting outside all day so that I can get the 8 tide samples that I need for my project. Yay much?


3 thoughts on “Day 3.9 – Term Project

  1. That’s why I refer to group work as ca-rap-ollation.
    When I refer to a person as the anchor of a group, I dont mean that they help ground us. Rather they get in the way when they are in and when we toss them out, they still hold us back.

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